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Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Matter of Trumps

We all ask ourselves “Should I open, overcall or bid to game?”  According to an article on the ACBL website, if you have good trumps you should tend to bid in any auction. Trumps are guides to act or not act if the decision is close. They are insurance against disaster and allow you to bid to a higher level making it difficult for opponents to double especially if they have low trump count. Bidding higher also pushes opponents to a higher level as well. As partner to the one bidding, you need to evaluate the strength of your hand. Use the “principle of in and out.” Your hand is helpful with Secondary cards(Qs and Js) in partners suit but primary cards (As and Ks) in outside suits. With this holding, you can safely support partner. Always remember that Pass is a bid.

Once again, the hands at the Sept. 23 Evergreen game were a nightmare. Winning N/S 1st Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles,2nd Fern Albracht and Cristy Cline, 3rd Jan Glover and Andra Cozart; E/W 1st Pat Macon and Becky Creekmore, 2nd Georgia Sorensen and Wade Lowder, 3rd Carol Bachl and Judy Gealy.

Our featured hand is board #3 from this game.  E/W vulnerable and South dealer


S  A 8 5 3

H  76

D  T 9

C  J 6

WEST:                   EAST:

S  T 9 7 4                S  K J 2

H  7 6                     H  A K T 9

D  8 7                      D  K 5

C  A Q 9 4 3            C  K 8 7 2


S  Q 6

H  J 3 2

D  A Q 6 4 3 2

C  T 5

Nancy Brandt and Tom Johnson had the best N/S score defeating 3SW 2 tricks while the best E/W score 1NE+2 was made by Pat Macon and Becky Creekmore.

The Tuesday, Sept. 27 Women’s Club game winners: 1st David Goff and Dick Brisbin, 2nd Tom Johnson and Nancy Brandt.

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