Letters to the editor – Saturday – 10-1-16

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 1, 2016

Our standards are falling, and so will our nation

Fox News reveals that five associates for Hillary Clinton have been granted immunity for possible crimes and corruption in connection with the FBI probe of Clinton’s emails. This represents outrageous examples for our American citizens, placing us unworthy to expect the same standard.

If Hillary becomes president, expect bankruptcy, higher taxes, overflow of refugees and immigrants, government-owned Obamacare, a liberal Supreme Court to bypass Congress, disarming of privately owned guns and less security per military Homeland Security. Expect corrupt police, attorney general, FBI, Department of Justice, IRS and all other departments that have placed us on the Third World country standard.

Our education, medical care and Christianity have all been sadly reduced in standards to almost slavery.

It seems to be easy for the Clintons to control so many government people and departments with their wealth of more than $100 million, in addition to 30 years of their jobs in government, learning how to work their jobs to their full advantage without consideration for the prosperity of our American citizens, democracy, capitalism, our Constitution and laws that apply only to non-politicians.

Politicians continue to abuse the laws for their personal gain, which is disheartening to citizens. We have seemingly taken our freedoms for granted. Our Christian freedoms have been targeted by Islamic radicals, increasing their goals of recruiting our young citizens for their Muslim beliefs and weakening the strength and courage of Christians.

Since the 9-11 attacks, we seem to overlook the importance of this war. It is a war of religions. Pray that we can overcome and survive the radical Muslim religion that requires killing, that we as Christians can work harder to convert believers in our one God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Not Obama, nor Hillary, nor Trump nor or any earthly people can fix our problems without God. No one seems to remember that today.

— Carol Cauble


Heaven help us

A man lies dead in the street.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

The city is in chaos.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Hatred and bias bind many hearts.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Entitlement and dependency cripple cultures.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Folk are giving up on trying to understand each other.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Folk have lost their respect for the law.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

The law keepers have lost their respect for folk’s rights.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Lawmakers treat the symptoms rather than the problems.

Lord Father in Heaven, help us.

Yes Father, we can hear You,

But, Father, will we change?

— Matthew Haney


Mooresville in good hands

Hats off to the 911 emergency response team and the amazing doctors and nurses at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center in Mooresville for the way they treated my wife after she fell and fractured her right hip and wrist on Sept. 3, the day before we were to celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary.

Add to this, the top-notch physical therapists at the Autumn Care nursing home in Cornelius, where she is making remarkable strides during her recuperation.

For sure, the people of Mooresville and surrounding area are in good hands with these well-trained professionals. We are most fortunate to have their services, and I must include my wonderful neighbors who have also offered their concern and help in offering me rides to visit my wife and helping with shopping, etc. Thank you and bless all of you! I am most appreciative of your kindness.

— Herb Stark


No common sense

It was about 51 years ago that I first voted. If I were a Democrat (which I am not), I would have changed parties after hearing their issues about bathroom and locker room ideas. Boys should not go into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. This idea comes from the devil. The brains in Washington and in North Carolina should know better. I just can’t believe it; it just doesn’t make common sense.

If people voted on it, the people with common sense would win. Lately the minority is winning over the majority, which is not right.

— Sterling Weaver