Police: Officer smells marijuana in passing vehicle, driver charged

Published 11:26 am Thursday, September 29, 2016

By Shavonne Walker


SALISBURY — A South Carolina man was charged Wednesday after the smell of marijuana made an officer driving by his vehicle turn around. The officer turned around his patrol vehicle at the intersection of West Monroe Street and Brenner Avenue.

The driver, Zaccheaus Kadesh Smith, 19, of the 300 block of South Lanford Road, Spartanburg, S.C., was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of stolen goods, and misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon.

The officer noted the man had a taillight that was out. The officer spoke with Smith, who initially said he had no illegal substances in the car. The officer noted he could smell a stronger odor of marijuana once the driver rolled down his window. Smith eventually said he had a blunt under his front seat.

The officer requested another officer be present since there was a passenger and the officer needed to search the vehicle. The officer found a burgundy backpack in the back seat. He found marijuana, a yellow grinder, digital scales and a Springfield XDS handgun.

Smith told the officer the bag belonged to him. There was no bullet in the gun’s chamber, but seven hollow point luger bullets in the magazine.

The passenger was released and he left.

The officer asked Smith where he got the gun. Smith said in the streets of South Carolina. He told the officers he had the gun for protection off campus. A report does not indicate what college he attends.

The officer checked the database and determined the gun was stolen. When asked, Smith told the officer he didn’t know the gun was stolen.

Smith has since been released from the Rowan County Detention Center under a $5,000 secured bond. His first court appearance is expected Friday.