Letters to the editor — Wednesday (9-28-16)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pick candidate who will go extra mile

Voting is not only a fundamental inalienable right owed to constituents through the U.S. Constitution, but a way for citizens to engage in democracy to vote for leaders who will better improve their communities and advocate for their interests.

The upcoming presidential election in November, will serve as a historical landmark in American history regardless of who is chosen as our new president. The upcoming elections is not only important to elect our new president, but to also vote on congressional and local leaders who are running for office. How each candidate approaches foreign affairs, is an area that Salisbury voters needs to take into careful consideration when choosing a candidate.

Please consider candidates who will not only advocate for improvements locally, but for those who truly aspire to go the extra mile in make a difference domestically and abroad especially in poverty.

Haylee Gardner


A word of thanks for another great event

Kudos to the Yadkin House on the International Day of Peace.

A yearly event for more than 12 years, the Yadkin House has tirelessly presented an Honorary Luncheon for all Emergency Personnel in Salisbury and Rowan County.

This year has special significance because of the racial tensions facing each and every one of us in our own hometowns.

It is a time to embrace solidarity and pray for understanding between each and every race of us. We are all one. All lives matter. When we realize this, perhaps we can move forward to becoming what God meant us to be: unconditional love for all races.

A total of 146 emergency personnel patrons attended the luncheon, the highest number in the history of the event. It signifies a special need for us to come together in any way we can to bring light to a dark situation.

Thank you again to the staff and residents at the Yadkin House for making this event a success.

Judy McDaniel