My Turn: Trump’s knowledge knows no bounds

Published 12:14 am Monday, September 26, 2016

By Donald Tracy

The Election of 2016 is so strange it seems that we should cue up the theme to “Twilight Zone” before we even think about what is happening each day.

Recently we had a bomb attack and our candidates were as far apart as if they are on two different planets.  Start with Hillary, the one who is clear and simple to understand. The bomb is reported, and her reply was that we need information from the authorities in charge. Sounds reasonable and straightforward.

Then there is Trump, who announces he knew it was a terrorist attack even before his plane landed. Of course The Donald knows everything.  He knows more about ISIS than the FBI, the CIA and the military. He knows what generals need to be replaced.  And of course he knew all about President Obama’s birth certificate. What is the source of his great knowledge? Is it his palm reader? His Tarot cards? Maybe his buddy Vladimir is giving him inside info. One must ask what influence his wife has on Trump’s outlook on the world. Melania was born, raised, educated/indoctrinated in a communist household and country. Bedroom influence on an egotistical macho man like Trump should not be overlooked.     Certainly with his great knowledge and connections, “The Donald” is sharing it with law enforcement to keep us safe.

But maybe not, as he has no faith in the American system to defend us. We only have an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard, none of which he ever joined, and knows little about any of them. We have Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, SS, US Marshals, Military Police, and Border Patrols, who work with Interpol and other international police forces. Each of the 50 states have state police, state bureaus of investigation, county sheriffs, and city police. Many have been given military training. While the judiciary is in a bind because of the GOP politics, it is still somewhat functional.  We must not discount there are privately owned weapons in almost every neighborhood with people ready to use them, sometimes with little provocation. Most of the people in this country are related to those who are known as “The Greatest Generation.” They are not a bunch of wimps. They know the country is strong, the leadership is working to keep us safe, and if there is a need to be called upon, they will respond. If that does not make you at least a little secure, I am sure Mr. Trump will give you a special rate to hide in the basement of the Trump Tower.

Now, if Mr. Trump Inc. would stop spreading fear, panic, paranoia and lies, we could have an election of which we can be proud. Not like the mess in Putin’s Russia.

Please note the police had a suspect in custody in 48 hours.  Wounded but alive, to be questioned and tried as required by law. Good work on the part of the police.

Donald C. Tracy  lives in Salisbury.

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