Letters to the editor — Monday (9-19-16)

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 19, 2016

Trump would be more dangerous for country

The writer is responding to a Sept. 17 letter, “Hillary’s history does not bode well for country.”

The letter questioned Hillary’s preparedness based on multiple falsehoods perpetuated by the GOP. Benghazi was caused more by the GOP cutting funds for embassy protection, and then they spent scads of money trying to tie it on her.

The email scandal is deplorable; more emails were eradicated under Bush and no one complained. And look at Trump and the continual little tweets he makes. As a senior citizen, I have trouble with the computer and emails, and she has been found clear of that and the other “trumped up” charges by the GOP.

Look carefully at Trump’s past, which the media continues to ignore. Bankruptcies, cheating small businesses and workers by not paying them for their work, scamming people with Trump University, having so many business failures, etc. But the worst of all is how he talks about people and puts them down, and the hatred and bigotry he continually spawns. Many of the statements he makes have been proven to be false. If he is elected president, I fear he would start World War III in a heartbeat with his trigger-happy ways and nonchalant treatment of foreign policy and diplomacy. And what about his connections with Russia and Putin? Why won’t he release his tax returns, what is he hiding?

No, Trump as witnessed by his past, is by far most dangerous for the U.S. and its future.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove

Clinton will hurt coal miners and the nation

The writer is responding to a Sept. 12 letter, “Why Clinton is vilified.”

Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and you know it. You support her because she is a woman and a far-left, political libertarian, including our “illustrious” President Obama. You will see evil increase if she wins the election.

My daddy was a coal miner. Hillary will close the mines and put all the coal miners out of work. Miners are hardworking men who do not want a handout from the government. And every true-blooded American will suffer at the hands of her ruin to all. She has proved what she is.

The good ol’ white boys and the good ol’ white girls largely put Obama in office for eight years. They must not be racists, after all. However, they all regret it now. He is the worst president America has ever had, not because of his race but because he has failed America as a leader of this country, and the records and facts are out there to prove it. This country did not have so much racial hatred until he took office.

The heinous things Clinton has done far outweigh anything good she has done. Trump is disgusted all right, and so is every American who has sense enough to know right from wrong! I am a Trump supporter and I have a lot of good, God-given sense. He is a loud mouth, but that is not why I support him. This country is going down fast, looking more like a third world country every day because of the Clinton’s corruption and Obama’s corrupt leadership.

— Pat Ray

Granite Quarry

Recall 1st Amendment?

The writer is responding to a letter in Sunday’s paper, “Nothing gained by taking a knee.”

Richard Sorenson makes a good point, but he forgot one major key: the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

It allowed him to voice his opinion in this newspaper the same way it allowed everyone else to make their opinions known, be it by voice, pen or action. But he failed to do his homework before submitting his letter.

He might want to study the Indian Removal Act of 1830. It will let him know exactly who is not included in the freedoms we enjoy.

— Darrell Martin


Congress to blame, too

The Trump campaign has spent so much time digging up a minutiae of “evidence” on Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoings, they might get a taste of their own medicine.

Neither candidate belongs in this presidential race, because of their “excess baggage.” It’s pitiful and embarrassing for this great nation, and I am of the opinion Congress shares responsibility for this catastrophic election race. Whoever is elected, voters should hold their feet to the fire for unfulfilled promises.

— Herbert W. Stark


Students deserve thanks

We attended the Rowan County High School Marching Bands Preview at Carson High School. We were transported from the parking area to the grandstands by students driving golf carts. These students were very polite, respectful and helpful and deserve thanks and appreciation for their services.

— Penny Keller


Get rid of eyesores

The recent one-year delay in demolishing an empty garage on a main street of downtown Salisbury is ridiculous. That building has no historical value. Can’t the City Council overturn the Historic Commission decision?

Salisbury is being held back by many derelict houses (example: North Main Street). It isn’t fair to the neighbors to allow these eyesores to remain. They have no historical value at all.

I suggest that the Council redraw the boundaries of where the Historic Commission has jurisdiction. Truly historic buildings should certainly be saved, but every old dilapidated house should not.

Our city would look better and be better if these eyesores were removed.

— Fred Stanback