Letters to the editor – Sunday – 9-18-16

Published 2:37 am Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nothing gained by taking a knee

The United States is an imperfect work-in-progress. Athletes and all citizens have the right to be disappointed and the duty to push America to achieve the reality of its ideals. However, when there are failures in American life that deny the right to justice and freedom to some, there is nothing gained by failing to acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts of generations who have moved this country incrementally closer to the ideals that have made America a beacon of freedom for the world.

“Taking a knee” during the playing of the national anthem makes a statement that is self-serving and egocentric no matter how sincerely held the views are. Such gestures do not move us closer to our ideals because they can be viewed as denying the progress that has been made and what has gone into making that progress occur.

Athletes who are enjoying the fruits of the American economy and social status should get off their knee and really do something constructive. They have the social status and economic ability to actually make a positive difference by helping a kid, being a model, speaking out constructively and voting. They can bring the message to those who don’t have a piece of the American Dream that, as imperfect as it is, it can work.

Societies are made up from individuals and families; move a person or family closer to the promise of America, and America is moved forward. Taking a knee, denigrates the efforts that bought us a society where someone can publicly express dissatisfaction. Instead of kneeling down, stand up and speak out, help someone, point out America’s failures but acknowledge its successes and those who bought them for the rest of us.

— Richard Sorensen


Salvation Army needs your help

The Salvation Army here in Salisbury that serves the Rowan County area is living from hand to mouth, and scraping can and using the leftovers. Things are tight. When we receive donations from those who take time to help their neighbors, it goes right to those in need through food, rent and utility assistance and clothing vouchers to our family store. We need help to get through these tough times.

We need people to step up and put aside their fear of the uncertainty of the future and help those in need today.

Beginning the week of Thanksgiving, people will see our red kettle out in front of the stores and businesses that are giving back to our community by allowing us to raise funds to help those in need here in our neighborhoods and communities. Please be generous.

Until then, we need help to make it until the Christmas season, to help your neighbors.

Donation can be sent to the Salvation Army at P.O. Box 625, Salisbury, N.C. 28144.

The Salvation Army will be at the fair beginning Sept. 23. Come by and make a donation to honor someone. Be a   shield of hope to those in need and sign up to volunteer.

— Capt. Bobby Carr


Repeal this law

The absurdity of House Bill 2 is so crystal clear. It needs to be repealed.

There was no need for it in the first place, and there is no way to enforce it since we cannot have an officer stationed in every bathroom.

I have never heard of a transgender person harming anyone in a bathroom, but I have heard of ministers, priests, Boy Scout leaders, football coaches, teachers and neighbors sexually abusing our children.

Voters, we need to vote McCrory and the legislators who quickly passed this bill out of office. It is the only way for our great state to be great again.

— Jean McCoy


Invest in Knox

I am a student at Knox Middle School, and I would like to tell you a little bit about our school. Our school has a bad reputation, but people don’t realize how fun and educational our school is. Knox has great teachers who will be devoted to teaching you, not just because it’s their job. The teachers truly make sure that you will succeed outside of school and they always want to see you do your best. Students who do what they’re supposed to get rewarded.

Our school is off to great places, but in order to make the Knox students succeed, we need help from people like you. All we are asking you to do for Knox is send money or a check to our school, for the Invest In A Child fundraiser.

All the money will stay at our school to pay for things that will help every student do their very best, including technology, books, field trips and other materials. Please help our school succeed!

If you are interested in donating to Knox Middle School, please send donations to: Knox Middle School PTA, 1625 Park Road West, Salisbury, N.C. 28144.

— Autumn Walser


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