Letters to the editor – Thursday – 9-15-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

One candidate stands up for freedom of speech

I was bitterly disappointed as I read the Sept. 13 edition of the Post. At the bottom of the front page was the headline, “Trump stands up for backers even as rally scuffle breaks out” and the article ran over onto page 2A. On page 10A, which was the very back of the section, was a small article headlined “NC police officer dies after being shot.” It seems the angst against our Republican candidate for president is much more important to the Post than the horror and tragedy of a young officer being brutally murdered while attempting to perform his duties.

I am, quite frankly, weary of the liberal actions and comments of much of this nation as we who weep for the demise of the American family, the loss of American industry and millions of jobs and the loss of multiple liberties “guaranteed” to us by our nation.

I and many others no longer have the basic right of freedom of speech without being called bigots, racists, sexists, deplorable and whatever current buzz word is in effect this week.

And we are angry. That anger is reflected in the acceptance of what the liberals fear most — someone who dares to stand up for our rights. I will continue my right to freedom of speech when I go to the polls and vote. I have photo identification even though it isn’t required. The very ones who object so strongly to this practice readily show their ID when they sign up for public assistance or buy alcohol or any number of other benefits they seek, up to and including medical care.

I’m tired and I’m heartsick over the slippery slope our nation is currently descending. I am one voice, but I will make that voice heard at the polls.

— Gail Gurley Robins

Granite Quarry

Don’t pay scammers

I would like for everyone to be aware of a phone scam I received today. A man called my cell phone, introduced himself as David Blackwell from the Publisher’s Clearing House and said I had won $2.5 million and a 2016 Mercedes. I knew it was a scam and let the man continue to talk. After a long (well rehearsed) conversation, he wanted me to go to the nearest Walmart ; he wanted to stay on the phone with me while I drove there.

I was to send $499.15, fill out a sender’s and receiver’s form to register my number, and then I would receive my winnings. I was delighted when he got frustrated because I wanted to go to a trusted friend’s house (a police officer) and speak with him before I paid anything.

After letting him babble on for 30 minutes, I told him I was hanging up. At least I got to waste 30 minutes of his time and kept him from scamming someone else. Online, I found out his number is out of Jamaica and they have scammed thousands of dollars from innocent people. It has become so widespread that there is a website for 876 scams.

Never pay to win money!

— Tammy Hodges

Granite Quarry

Souls on board

I would like to correct Elaine Howle (“ On souls, generals and ice,” Wednesday’s Post) on her view of souls lost on 9-11. As a naval air crewman veteran, flying in P-3C aircraft searching for subs, I was listed as an SOB on the flight manifest. Even on commercial flights, the passengers listed on the flight manifest are SOBs. For the unknowing, SOB stands for, Souls On Board. So the fact is, with the loss of three commercial aircraft on 9-11, souls were lost. I always hated being listed as a SOB when I was flying. Now I’m the one correcting opinions.

— Roderick Lapham