Catawba College announces plan to help ITT Technical Institute students

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

SALISBURY — Catawba College has announced an immediate plan to help students affected by the nationwide closure of the for-profit ITT Technical Institute. The initial phase of the plan will help adult students pursuing a business management degree or information systems degree. Other degree program details are being developed.

“We realize this is a very difficult time for students who made a positive career choice, have invested in their education, and now find that their plans suddenly are disrupted through the unexpected closure,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bowe, director of the school of evening and graduate studies at Catawba College. “The adult student has special challenges in earning a degree, and we have been helping them achieve their education goals for over 20 years.”

Catawba is a regionally accredited four-year college.

A special 50 percent tuition discount is available to students who were enrolled in ITT Technical Institute at any time during the past 12 months. Open houses are being planned for north Charlotte, south Charlotte and High Point, the three closest campuses to Catawba College.

“We value all students, and especially recognize the unique challenges of the adult learner. We feel that our plan will relieve the burden that has been placed on these students, and we welcome them into the Catawba College family. I encourage them to continue their education in a manner that will bring greater career and family opportunities,” said Brien Lewis, president of Catawba College.

The school of evening and graduate studies at Catawba College offers a bachelor of business administration with concentrations in management, information systems and professional accounting. Courses are offered primarily in a hybrid environment with online options for some courses. Classes meet one time per week in the evening, allowing the working adult more flexibility to balance personal life with education. Courses are offered in a block format with students typically taking one course per month, with the next start date of Oct. 5.

A range of financial aid is available and will be reviewed on an individual basis. Other ITT degree program options are still under review.

Interested students should contact Bowe at 704-202-1720 any day of the week or by email at