Letter to the editor – Saturday – 9-10-16

Published 1:14 pm Saturday, September 10, 2016

My favorite place for inspiration

I like to attend Sacred Heart Catholic Church services here in Salisbury. I’m inspired by their ministry. The priests minister to us about wisdom and knowledge of scriptures and about God.

I like to visit the church also when they are not having mass. It is open from morning until evening. When it is all quiet, it’s a good time to pray. You can gather your thoughts and talk to God.

There is a mass or church service for every day of the week. If you work at a nursing home, a hospital or a food market, then the day you have off, you can go to mass. If you fly a plane or drive a truck, you will have some break time off and can attend mass.

I also like to go into my church and look at the sculptures of the 14 stations of the suffering Christ went through. All of these stations show the extreme pain and mental distress he went through.

I feel sorry that Jesus suffered on a cross so much, when I think about the torment he went through. He did this for our salvation, for all mankind, to save us from our sins. This is extraordinary love.

This is a wonderful place to go, at Sacred Heart Church, and observe the stations of the cross and think about all the excruciating pain and embarrassment he went through with. This is what I call the greatest love that ever happened on the face of the Earth, so that man could have salvation.

— Carolyn Osian