Quotes of the week

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, September 3, 2016

“We can’t stop now, we’re not at the top of the hill yet. … Tomorrow we go back to work.”

— Jean Kennedy, Rowan-Salisbury school board, on celebrating improved test

results for Rowan-Salisbury Schools

“Just like you can lead a horse to water, you give these people a million-dollar cat wing, and they still can’t do it right.”

— Christine Morykwas, philanthropist, on the Rowan Animal Shelter’s state inspection, which found problems in the cat wing she funded

“I am personally, as the police chief, outraged, and the police department is also outraged …”

— Chief Jerome Stokes, Salisbury Police, on rash of shootings in the city

“We are just tired of pouring money into a dark hole.”

— Buddy Poole, general manager, on taking WSTP off the air

“It means a lot to know my son was loved, at a time like this; it really means a lot. It shows the life he lived.”

— Marisa Tandy, mother, on the drowning of 17-year-old Shavice Tandy at Balfour Quarry

“I told my pastor I may not make it Sunday.”

— Carrie Ray, patron, at the last Saturday night dance at Shoaf’s Wagon Wheel