Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 8-31-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump and McCarthy able to identify national threats

This is in response to Paul Bardinas’ article, “Masters at exploiting irrational fear,” publishedAug. 21.

No doubt Trump is a high-powered narcissist lacking social graces, and McCarthy used the power of Congress to intimidate, conducting his hearings with tremendous authority aka bullying tactics.

Yet with all their faults, these men correctly identified a viable threat to our society, both domestically and internationally. Most of my 22 years in the Marine Corps brought me face-to-face with these threats.

While Trump’s comments collide with today’s PC crowd, McCarthy was far more heavy-handed than Trump could ever be, and merely ahead of his time. Instead of continued visceral hatred, McCarthy is due heavy apologies as his observation was correct.

Today we see the entertainment/sports arenas flowing with Marxist apologists supporting foreign tyrants. D.C. is contaminated with politicians performing the Potomac “two-step” with special interests, the U.N., and foreign entities. I’ve witnessed the modern-day “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler in many overseas operations.

But the worst is the Clintons, who are the “Monsters of the Midway,” with respect to professional politicians. With every combined criticism you leveled at both Trump and McCarthy, you could multiply by a factor of 10 and not approach the nefarious political mechanism of Hillary Clinton, whom you infer is not guilty of anything.

Trump may have hurt your feelings, but Hillary is a psychopathic oath violator whose traitorous Clinton Foundation is a war chest dependent on international contributions from sinister elements. Sad testimony for a former First Lady, senator, and Secretary of State.

Experience is only as good as the character behind it. The Manson family would actually make better inhabitants of the White House.

—James W. Ward Jr.

Forest City

Thanks for aid during attempted robbery

I want to thank all that came to my aid on Aug. 2, especially Kim and Ashley and the jury duty person on lunch break, after someone attempted to take my purse.

I was pulled to the pavement. Kim called 911 for me and called my friend.

I especially want to thank the officer who investigated the incident. He showed genuine concern for me. He visited the hospital while I was there and called me that night after I went home. If all of the officers are as good as Officer Glover, then we are in very good hands.

The emergency medical technicians were also very professional and demonstrated kindness and concern. I also want to thank the hospital personnel in the emergency room.

To the man who attempted to rob me of my purse, I forgive you. Find some other way to earn money.

— Virginia Graves