Church collecting supplies for Louisiana flood victims

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 30, 2016

By Deirdre Parker Smith

Rev. Dr. Johnny Boggs and his church, Mount Hope, are used to doing things for the community, with backpack giveaways, coat collections, meals and Souper Bowl Sunday.

So when Boggs heard about the devastating flooding in Louisiana, “The Lord put it in my heart that we needed to do something.”

The church, with the help of SupplyOne in Rockwell, is collecting needed supplies for the flood victims, using a list supplied by those working the relief effort.

Boggs has done a lot of background work, finding a company that can get the supplies there, getting the list together and gathering volunteers to help with the collection.

It’s the Rowan Flood Relief Mission to Louisiana, and Boggs hopes that people from all over the county, not just his church, and not just other churches, but everyone will pitch in to help the 60,000-plus people affected by the flood.

“They’re our neighbors, too,” Boggs said. “I have the idea that people in Rowan are loving people. I’m not sure if anyone else is doing it, but we wanted to.”

A friend at SupplyOne in Rockwell helped make it happen.

Donations can be taken to SupplyOne Warehouse 4 on Viscount Road in Rockwel from noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, from Wednesday through Sept. 15 — but not on Monday, Sept. 5, Labor Day. Someone can be at the church on Labor Day, if needed.

SupplyOne is providing warehouse space and consolidation services and transportation.

Boggs said anyone who wants to donate at other times can call him at 704-798-5700 and he or a church member can meet the donor at Mount Hope Church, 7004 Old Concord Road. “They can call me anytime.” Volunteers waiting to help will be available.

Boggs, who is working with Jeff McNeeley at House of Rock Church in Amite, La., says they will target the parishes (what we call counties) of Tangipahoa and Livingston, where 80 percent of the homes were severely damaged.

The effort will culminate Sept. 17, when the truck will head south.

The list of needed items is specific, and limited to what will be needed when the truck arrives. No clothes are needed. People who would prefer to make a donation may make checks payable to Mount Hope Church and designate it for Rowan Flood Relief Mission.

“We’ll take that money and buy whatever we need that’s on that list.”

Once the truck arrives, officials will distribute the supplies to needed areas.

“I’m just a little country pastor, but God asked me to do this,” Boggs said. He believes outreach to others is a big part of being a church and a Christian.

He will be giving out inserts for other churches to put in their bulletins.

Boggs emphasizes that anyone can help and asks that Rowan County pray for the families affected.

Below is a list of needed supplies:

• 5-gallon buckets, scrub brushes, rags

• mops, brooms, dust pans

• cleaning supplies and bleach

• rubber gloves, latex gloves, work gloves

• 54-quart and larger plastic storage containers with lids

• large contractor trash bags

• Gatorade, water

• non-perishable food individually packed food items, such as peanut butter crackers, granola bars, chips, Little Debbie snacks.

• Bulk food needed at feeding sites, such as No. 10 cans of any kinds of beans, corn, peas, sweet potatoes, mixed fruit, peaches, apples, beef stew, chili

• Easy-open canned goods, same as above, for individual use

• bags of rice, pasta

• baby items and diapers

• toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels

• batteries

• pet food and pet supplies

• hand-inflatable mattresses.