Letters to the editor — Monday (8-29-2016)

Published 12:21 am Monday, August 29, 2016

Thanks for supporting fan program 

Rufty-Holmes Senior Center recently completed another successful Summer Fan Program.  Our initial allotment of box fans was supplied through generous annual funding from the Duke Energy Foundation.  Additional fans were also purchased through private contributions, allowing us to serve over 90 older adults in Rowan County.  This program gives priority to senior adults who do not have air conditioning or adequate cooling in their homes.

We always receive great support for our fan program from The Salisbury Post, Senior Savvy, various county offices, and area organizations.  This year we want to give a special thank you to the Xi Delta Chi Chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi service sorority in Salisbury.  Their generous donation allowed us to serve even an even greater number of older adults in Rowan County.

Many thanks to everyone who helped publicize and support our Summer Fan Program.

— Susan A. Davis

Davis is administrative assistant and director of the Summer Fan Program for Rufty-Holmes Senior Center.


Political monsters 

This is in response to Paul Bardinas’ Aug. 21 article, “Masters at exploiting irrational fear.”

No doubt Trump is a high-powered narcissist lacking social graces, and McCarthy used the power of Congress to intimidate, conducting his hearings with tremendous authority aka bullying tactics.

Yet with all their faults, these men correctly identified a viable threat to our society, both domestically and internationally. Most of my 22 years in the Marine Corps brought me face-to-face with these threats. While Trump’s comments collide with today’s PC crowd, McCarthy was far more heavy handed than Trump could ever be, and merely ahead of his time. Instead of continued visceral hatred, McCarthy is due heavy apologies as his observation was correct.

Today we see the entertainment/sports arenas flowing with Marxist apologists supporting foreign tyrants. D.C. is contaminated with politicians performing the Potomac “two-step” with special interests, the U.N., and foreign entities. I’ve witnessed the modern-day “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler in many overseas operations.

But the worst is the Clintons, who are the “Monsters of the Midway” with respect to professional politicians. With every combined criticism you leveled at both Trump and McCarthy, you could multiply by a factor of 10 and not approach the nefarious political mechanism of Hillary Clinton, whom you infer is not guilty of anything. Trump may have hurt your feelings, but Hillary is a psychopathic oath violator whose traitorous Clinton Foundation is a war chest dependent on international contributions from sinister elements. Sad testimony for a former First Lady, senator and Secretary of State. Experience is only as good as the character behind it.

The Manson family would actually make better inhabitants of the White House.

— James W. Ward, Jr.

Forest City

 Obama’s 3rd term

Thank you, Col. Grey Medinger, for your letter in the Aug. 23 Post. So true.

Isn’t it strange Obama is fighting so hard for Hillary Clinton to be the next president? I have never heard of an outgoing president to do this.

He is doing this because he can run the country for the next eight years through her. God help us all if this happens.

— Linda Connelly


Slippery grass

I read an article the other day about grass left in the road when people mow. I ride a motorcycle, and I respect others who do. People should respect cars and motorcycles too. It is a very dangerous situation for someone on a motorcycle. It creates a very slick surface and could cause you to drop your motorcycle or cause an accident and hurt someone else.

— Richard G. Beck


 Trading Ford unity

Gary Hauze’s competition with the Trading Ford organization for people and resources is not beneficial to preserving and recognizing this historic area.  We must work together to accomplish the goals of proper preservation. It would benefit a larger group of people if Mr Hauze would join together with the Trading Ford Organization, helping folks on both sides of the bridge in question and the historic lands on either side

— Walter Wilson