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Published 11:21 pm Thursday, August 25, 2016

… County sees options for sports complex

Something like this is not just for the residents of Rowan alone. It would attract, hopefully, people from other locales coming into town for tournaments, etc. It has the potential to be a money maker, but, not out in the country, in my opinion.

— Barney Barnhardt

I go by baseball and soccer fields in the county and never see any lines of people waiting to get on the fields. Most of the time they are empty.

As for a feasibility study, they could have saved some money and just asked the Mooresville Convention Bureau about America’s Park, which was a private investment to build 25 baseball diamonds on 170 acres of land for a cost of $20 million.

Well, the money never appeared. In 2014, the deal fell through and the Mooresville CVB was out over $400,000 for the land.

As far as attracting tournaments, it would be difficult to compete with the York Sports Complex south of Charlotte. You also have the Ripken Experience for baseball in Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach.

— Eric Vandeford

It seems to me that the primary purpose of such a facility, or combination of facilities, would be to enhance the quality of life of Rowan County’s youth by providing greater recreational opportunities.

That modest goal would not need to involve a state-of-the-art facility that consumes land along I-85 whose best and highest use is for economic growth and job opportunities. Adding to the city-owned facility off Hurley School Road seems to fit the bill quite well, and the price is right.

— Jeff Morris

That kind of money would do a lot to improve our schools (for example, teacher supplements, supplies, tutoring). Counties with great schools bring in businesses and workers that would increase the tax base.

I went to a girls’ softball tournament several years ago at the Salisbury complex. Maybe a few new fields added would be enough to draw tournaments. If the traveling teams come, they stay where they can find hotel rooms, even if they have to drive 10 or 15 miles to the site where they play. So it really doesn’t need to be located near the interstate.

— Mary Little

… Duke Energy hoped to avoid ‘media frenzy’

Duke Power needs to stop fighting what they already know to be true. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you know better, you do better.

Those of us that live close to the ash ponds and have had family work for the Buck Steam Plant just want them to do what they already know is the right thing and take responsibility for the mess/damage to the well water and environment.

— Bonita L. Queen

… Ryan’s in Salisbury closes abruptly

The employees should have been given some respect and told in advance they would be needing jobs. But, honestly, we stopped there recently and the restaurant was in disarray. Where we sat the walls had water damage and mold all down them. …

The building itself was apparently in need of some major repairs that were not getting done With some luck another company will take over the property fix it up and bring back some of the jobs lost.

— Christine O’Brien

I hate to see it go. I know Chris and his employees put a lot of hard work and dedication into that place

— April Holt

This is Amanda, a server at Ryan’s. I was there yesterday when he came up and let him know. I felt so bad because I could see the heartbreak in his eyes. I did a lot of crying Sunday night/Monday morning and this is a big reason. Our customers were our family.

— Amanda Stone

… My Turn: Some ideas on city code enforcement

Good ideas. City Council should take them on!

— Jill Connery

Year after year, City Council has cut staff and services in order to pander to low taxes. The illusion that more can be done with less is now banging on the door. These are great recommendations. Let’s hire some staff, implement these ideas and get in front of this mess.

— Michael S. Young

… Three-vehicle accident leads to fatality

I knew the young man that was driving the Camaro personally for a short time, unfortunately. …. He was an amazing kid, very thoughtful, kind and hard-working. Everyone who had the privilege to know him, loved him. … Nothing about this tragedy makes sense.

— James Corcoran III

My family knew him. He was an outstanding young man. I was proud to have known him. My son was friends with him. He would never hurt anyone intentionally.

— Gordon Furr

… Rowan doesn’t need riot gear

I have a fire extinguisher in my home, but I have never had a fire. Guess according to your logic, I can sell it now.

— Grant Eagle

No, Grant. You are fine with just an extinguisher. I, on the other hand, have gone entirely overboard by having my home equipped with a residential fire sprinkler system.

Mr. Carli, are your well-armed criminals showing love to their victims? I think not. And riot gear is not worn 24/7; it is used as a “response” tactic. In other words, the civil unrest is already occurring.

You stick to the study of ecology (preferably under a rock) and let the sheriff handle the policing with the manpower and equipment he obviously needs.

— John Hilfirty Jr.

… Editorial: Blatant bid to block votes

It’s important to keep teasing out all the nuances of this initiative. It’s so much more than requiring every voter to show an ID. If it were just about IDs, then the court would not have rejected it.

— Cathy Mahaffey

It’s about keeping certain voters away from the polls. Why not require photo IDs in order to cast absentee ballots? Is this a double standard?

— Reginald Brown

Voter ID is about keeping illegitimate people from voting, pure and simple. Why are Democrats opposed to that? Surely they don’t condone voting by people who don’t have the right to vote.

— Mike Heilig

Just addressing the first question in your editorial — “The 7 Reasons Most Americans Don’t Vote,” Zen College Life — Many people don’t like the partisan bickering underlying the voting process, and this is a valid concern. … And just saying that I disagree with your headline. To me voter ID is just common sense. We don’t resist IDs for other things we wish to do.

— Marie Howell

Classic “pot calling kettle black” issue!

— Randy Biggerstaff

…. Paul Bardinas: Masters at exploiting irrational fears

Thank you for one of the most coherent, insightful and intelligent articles I have read in a long time.

Sometimes when I read letters to the editor from certain individuals from Spencer and Kannapolis, I wonder what has happened to them to make them such prejudiced, paranoid and hate-filled people.

— William Nance

Thanks for the great article. History will be a harsh judge indeed on the N.C. politicians aiding and appearing with Trump.

— Eric Gade

Coherent, insightful and intelligent articles happen when there are some elements of historic fact, which this contained a little of, and when the writer is up to date on current events, which this one has skewed a bit.

— Bill Ward

… Hudson: It’s immoral how we trap people in poverty

They need to go to work like everyone else, and they won’t be poor. I am tired of people raising kids to sit on their hands and not go to work and live off government, and working Americans having to put up with it. … Enough is enough; we want payback now. Trump 2016

— Rhonda Stoneburner

Sounds good, but I would be very skeptical if Richard Hudson and Paul Ryan are involved. And if it’s tied to Trump, forget it. When he loses, then maybe some realistic plan can be worked out.

— Ralph Walton

I think it’s interesting that Mr. Hudson had such an opinion while watching his political peers in the GOP continue to red-line and marginalize the poor in North Carolina. I would be willing to pay for lunch if Mr. Hudson, Greg Edds and his gang wanted to discuss poverty with some real victims of poverty.

— Kenneth Muhammad El

… Bill Bucher: Tourists come to Rowan for good reasons

This is beautiful and exactly the reasons we recently built a home in Rowan County. And we are loving every minute of being here!

— Dari Caldwell

… Francis Koster: ‘Whole truth’ missing from column on teacher pay

Thank you, Francis Koster! Always best to dig deep.

— Whitney Peckman

We could commit a gazillion dollars toward a low-performing school and, if the parents were absent or unwilling to help their children with homework (or seek the help of volunteer mentors), it would be a waste of time and money.

I respectfully submit that it is certain parents, not The Rich, who have abdicated their responsibilities — defending their children’s indefensible behavior, blaming the teachers for their children’s poor grades and stealing from themselves and their children, as well as from society.

We do need to spend more money on educating the less fortunate, but it needs to be done in a tactical, efficient way, not as a scatter shot.

— Bruce LaRue

Yes, parental influence is a big factor; however, an engaged and passionate educator can transform a community. Education can be a hard and thankless job, but do not discourage educators by stating we face an impossibility when we step into that classroom.

All my students are more than capable of achieving growth and success. With that mindset, I have no problem with educators who are being innovative and showing results to gain an additional incentives. I get it.

We do not get paid enough; however, we also need to justify our results. I think we have a bigger problem when we still allow failing schools in our community to continue on the same trajectory of failure. I see that as a bigger form of discrimination.

— Mindy Ogg

… Officers, support staffs enjoy lunch at fairgrounds

Thank you for risking your life everyday to protect the citizens of this county.

— Phillip Bradshaw

We appreciate your service and caring for the people of Rowan County and the surrounding area.

— Margaret Brown

Thanks to the Salisbury Police Department, Rowan Sheriff’s Office and Highway Patrol for putting on that uniform each day and putting yourself in harm’s way to protect the people of Rowan County.

— Freida Heitman

These people put their lives on the line every day, and they should be thanked in any way we can do it. Thank you all … I pray that you all come home from your shifts safe every day. Amen.

— Margaret Keys

… My Turn, Keith Townsend: Too many lose under GOP rule

Thank you for enlightening us on how the N.C. General Assembly’s practices hurt North Carolina families by raising service fees.

Also, I hope people will look further into claims that teacher’s salaries have been raised. Not every educator is receiving a raise.

— Karen Puckett

The number of our population living in poverty did not suddenly come into existence in the last four years of Republican control. It is a Democrat legacy.

If your income range is between $0 and $12,750, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 6 percent.

If your income range is between $12,751 and $60,000, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 7 percent.

If your income range is $60,001 and over, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 7.75 percent.

What do the people who pay less in taxes do with the money they save? Do they not spend it, put it in the bank or invest it? You don’t think that they put it under their mattresses do you? They generate economic activity with it, mostly within the state, I would hazard.

In 2012, North Carolina collected $22.7 billion in taxes; for 2014, it came in at $23.4 billion, proving that the economic activity in the state is increasing.

— Rexx Shelton

… Football: 50 years ago, it was Brinkley to Beck

Wonderful article! I had the pleasure of going to North Rowan and graduated with Kenny. Both guys are class acts!

— Patricia Secreast

Brought back good memories

— Danny Patterson

Thanks to all my friends for the nice remarks. These days a kind word or some pats on the back are like medicine. These were, as Bruce Springsteen called them, “Glory Days.” We all have them. Hang on to them; you may need them again some time.

Don’t live in the past, but do not forget it, either. It is a brick in the construction of your life.

— Ken Beck