Letters to the editor – Sunday – 8-21-16

Published 12:13 am Sunday, August 21, 2016

Artists discover Salisbury and love it

Rowan hosted 46 painters last weekend for the Second Annual N.C. Open Plein Air Paint Out. They were here to paint their choice of 18 sites within our county.

Comments heard were: “There is so much here to paint!”

“I have barely scratched the surface.”


“Beautiful crepe myrtles everywhere!”

“Such a variety of subject matter.”

“Everybody was so nice!”

What a great tribute to a very special county. Prior to hosting these events, artists were heard to say “Oh yes, I pass through Salisbury on my way to Charlotte.” Now they have discovered what a treasure we have here.

The winner of the cherished Sarah Kellogg $1,000 Award was Larry Rudalech, who hails from Indiana. Larry captured several downtown Salisbury scenes.

The second place Fisher Award was presented to Scott Boyle, an exceptional plein air painter from Bessemer City, with his painting of a Gold Hill historic home.

The third place Fine Frame Gallery Award was won by Dottie Leatherwood of Charlotte with her painting of Dunn’s Mountain. Yes, these paintings are for sale.

Without the support of the Waterworks Visual Arts Center, F&M Bank and generous local citizens, it would be impossible to host such a class event. Not only is our county a unique place for artists, it is also blessed with very caring businesses and citizens who step up to make Rowan very special.

— Phyllis Steimel


Coverage helps
get the word out

On behalf of the Rowan/Kannapolis Alcoholic Beverage Control Board of Directors and our Game Plan for Life Team, we would like to extend our appreciation to the Salisbury Post for your extensive coverage of what we, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, Salisbury Police Department and many others feel is a very worthwhile endeavor.

Our team has joined forces for 14 years now, reaching out to more than 120,000 students with our goal to educate our youth about the consequences of underage alcohol consumption.

We take pride in the fact that the N.C. ABC Commission as well as Gov. Pat McCrory recognized the very issues we have addressed. We have initiated the Talk It Out program to make parents aware of the necessity to communicate to their kids about how bad decisions relating to alcohol can impact their lives for a lifetime or — worst-case scenario, as with one or two tragedies each week in the state — can end their lives.

The Salisbury Post, along with our local school systems, elected officials, radio WSAT/WSTP, local WBTV reporter David Whisenant, our community supporters and others are to be commended for your longtime support of this initiative.

ABC Commission Chairman Jim Gardner was very impressed with the outpouring of support for the Aug. 2 program, and we owe a great degree of gratitude to the Post for your coverage of not only this event, but for many of our initiatives which are having an impact (as seen at the event with testimonials) over the course of our program history.

— Terry Osborne

General manager,
Rowan/Kannapolis ABC

A new page for Donald Trump?

In North Carolina, a swing state once safe for Republicans and now leaning “blue,” the Donald came clean Thursday — sort of — no specifics, mind you. Of course, getting specifics out of Trump appears as difficult as getting Trump University accredited. Still, it is a momentous electoral season confession for this ego-driven man to come to terms with the idea that he has said regrettable things — whatever they may be. He seems to have adopted a new attitude (or campaign strategy, anyway).

While I’m certain that many people share his regrets on the many controversial — at times, abhorrent — words he has spoken, Mr. Trump’s soul-searching comes a little late, halfway through a general election when few voters remain sitting on a fence — which will have to do for now as I don’t see a tall wall in America’s near future. I do, however, wish him luck in his ongoing journey towards finding his conscience.

— Dan Paholski