Letters to the editor Wednesday — 8-17-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Families need prescription drug prices and choices

As a pediatric nurse, I understand children get sick, even if given the best care. Sometimes it’s a minor cold, requiring over-the-counter medication, but sometimes it can be more severe, requiring expensive prescription meds.

While parents want the best care for the children, the spike in the prices of prescription medication is worrisome. The rise in drug prices is a trend I have observed and it’s going to get even worse unless something is done.

As a nurse, I always try to make sure my patients are provided every option when choosing the course of treatment for the child. The same should apply to prescription drugs.

Right now many patients don’t realize that less expensive drugs could work just as well as a more expensive choice. One way to help fix the escalating cost of drug prices is to publish the names, prices and effectiveness of brand name and generic drugs to give patients purchasing power and sensible alternatives.

Unfortunately, this can’t happen unless Congress acts. Thus, I ask North Carolina’s congressional delegation to lead the way in proposing legislation that provides patients with accurate and up-to-date information on prescription drug prices. It’s smart, safe and will allow patients to make more informed choices that are beneficial to both their health and their wallets.

— Mary Younts


Campaign wasting money

I just read in the Salisbury Post (Aug. 7) that the Hillary Clinton campaign and deep-pocketed Democratic groups such as Priorities USA have poured a combined $66 million into television and radio advertising in 11 states. Poor use of money, again, while Donald Trump’s Republican groups have only spent about $4.3 million.

Who would put more money where it’s needed? Not Clinton. Crazy use of money for sure, just to brainwash people into thinking you’re great.  Crazy money.

Don’t get into this fight of women or men; fight for the highest office in our land. People think Obama, Clinton, Bush — all the presidents — got us where we are now, with $400 million going to Iran. Why? Who OK’d that? Not me.

Why we have such a loser running is beyond me. All their money cannot make a Golden Boy or a Golden Girl.

— Joyce Orphanoudakis