Letters to the editor — Monday (8-15-2016)

Published 12:04 am Monday, August 15, 2016

Democrats’ convention a major crime scene

Did the Democrats hold a political convention or a criminal convention? Consider how people whose family members died as criminals after attacking police were heralded as heroes. Consider how illegal aliens flaunted their criminality and were almost keynote speakers, rather than being arrested and deported.

Consider how over 88,000 illegals were freed from jails by Hussein Obama! Consider the thousands of dope dealers he freed from prisons. Of course, Obama was a dope user. Consider how cops are murdered on the streets almost daily. If their lives don’t matter, what of ours? Well, we can defend ourselves, right? Wrong! Hillary wants to ban all guns! Makes you feel safe, hmmm?

Consider the number of police departments under investigation that have been intimidated by Obama, the number of officers charged and arrested.

Can anyone conclude Democrats are for honest, law-abiding Americans? Obama’s hometown of Chicago is now the murder capital of America. His ex-chief of staff who is mayor there closed the most schools in the history of the country. Still the Democrat bunko artist claims everyone will go to college free? Sure they will.

Had Trump been smarter, he would have retorted to their bleeding-heart Muslim “to give Obama the copy of the Constitution, since he has violated almost every article, section and provision in it. Further, it was he and Hillary who got your son killed, not me! His blood and the blood of thousands of others are on their hands, not mine.”

— W.F. Owens


Acts of betrayal

Holy Hanoi Hilton, Batman! Jane Fonda can’t hold a candle next to Ho Chi Hussein. Obama’s middle name is Hussein. Obama has lifted arms embargos in Hanoi. By doing so, he has forgiven Hanoi for causing over 58,000 souls dead, missing or POWs. Any vets or active personnel not feeling betrayed, used and abused by this?

Why go to Japan and apologize for dropping two WMDs to humanely end a war destined to still be able to kill hundreds of thousands of troops on both sides?

Why do we still feel it necessary to give Iran around $1.8 billion to help its nuclear power program?

Why was news about ISIS receiving 1,000 new trucks and SUVs, allegedly from Toyota, swept under the carpet after only one and a half days of exposure?

Why do we need to be a police force for the whole world? We do not owe any country anything, except maybe China, which I understand owns most of our national debt. If they call in this debt, we will default and be learning Chinese six months later.

Why do we think we have any Muslim country as an ally or friend at any level? We are pork-eating, infidel, Zionist nonbelievers. Their Quran dictates that either we convert to Islam or lose our heads. Neither I nor my family owe any Muslim anything. My beliefs in my God, family and country are not negotiable.

Now, for all GLBTs who think their way of life should be recognized as normal and have the same rights and benefits as normal people, read the Old Testament in several places concerning sexual misconduct and morality. A man who lays with another man is an abomination unto God, so are two women together, and cross-dressers are totally rejected from entry into God’s eternal love and heaven.

I try to respect everyone; but not everyone deserves the respect of anyone.

— Bill Lentz