Letters to the editor — Monday (8-8-2016)

Published 12:18 am Monday, August 8, 2016

Let’s set the record straight

Regarding two articles on page 2A of the Thursday, Aug. 4, Post — “Cooper hammers HB2” by Josh Bergeron and right below it “NC voter ID ruling,” Associated Press — we need to examine the facts.

The HB2 article states “NC GOP criticizes Roy Cooper for not doing his job as the state’s attorney general. The GOP statement asks why Cooper hasn’t (has not, past tense) represented NC in court cases over a voter ID law,” recently (last week) struck down by a federal court (4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals).

The AP article states the fact that Cooper decided not to keep defending the voter ID law after the 4th Circuit appellate court ruling.

The three-judge panel on the circuit court found that the NC GOP intended to discriminate against minorities with certain voter restrictions (i.e., limiting early voting to 10 days and eliminating seven days of same-day voter registration).

It is Governor McCrory and the NC GOP who should do the right thing and reimburse the state’s taxpayers for the cost to hire others (private-sector attorneys) to appeal this discriminatory law to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It will be the GOP spending taxpayer funds, not Roy Cooper, who did his job and has determined that it is a waste to appeal to the Supreme Court.

— Harold Stover



Not a good sign

Big ups for Mark Brincefield on his cartoon in the Sunday Post. It was laugh out loud funny and sadly true. Big sign. Bring in the clowns and don’t drink the water. I really did laugh out loud. This town can find more ways to spend money foolishly. Thanks, Mark — the cartoon hopefully brought a few of the powers that be back to reality.

— Linda S. Efird



Orchestrated endorsements

If you believe Trump’s GOP orchestrated “endorsements” of Ryan, McCain and
Ayotte, I have a bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y., that’s up for sale …
— Herb Stark