Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 7, 2016

1. Because Tuscarora Yarns closed, the company had to return $48,295 in tax incentives it had received from Rowan County. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners decided to do what with that returned incentive money?
A. Put it toward a new welcome sign on Interstate 85
B. Buy and equip a new patrol car for the Rowan County’s Sheriff’s Office
C. Pay for the tuition of five incoming freshmen at Livingstone College
D. Offer college classes to residents of East Spencer

2. Rowan County is moving forward on approving giant entrance signs on both ends of Interstate 85 to welcome motorists into the county. Greg Edds, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, instructed architect Bill Burgin to design a sign that was double that of what city located along an interstate?
A. Concord
B. Rock Hill, S.C.
C. Gaffney, S.C.
D. Hickory

3. State toxicologist Dr. Ken Rudo said in a deposition that N.C. government acted unethically in telling neighbors of coal ash ponds that their well water was safe to drink. Rudo’s deposition was taken in a lawsuit between what two parties?
A. Gov. Pat McCrory and residents of Dukeville in Rowan County
B. The State Health Department and the Rowan County Board of Commissioners
C. The State Department of Natural Resources and the Southern Environmental Law Center
D. The Yadkin Riverkeeper and Duke Energy

4. Andrew Deal, China Grove’s new police chief, worked for what other law enforcement agency prior to coming to China Grove in 2014?
A. Kannapolis Police Department
B. Rowan County Sheriff’s Office
C. The Granite Quarry-Faith Police Authority
D. Salisbury Police Department

5. The latest master plan for West End Plaza (the former Salisbury Mall) calls for how much of the facility to be used by Rowan County departments.
A. Less than half
B. More than half
C. All of it
D. None of it. County commissioners have decided to sell the former mall.

6. Bobby Fox, a division chief with the Salisbury Fire Department, has retired after 30 years of service. Fox will remain as chief for what fire department elsewhere in Rowan County?
A. Atwell
B. Locke
C. Miller’s Ferry
D. Ellis Crossroads

7. Veleria Levy, a Kannapolis resident who was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, said her favorite speaker during the week was who?
A. Khizr Khan, father of a slain U.S. soldier
B. The Rev. William Barber, president of North Carolina’s NAACP
C. President Obama
D. First Lady Michelle Obama

8. The Blanche & Julian Robertson Foundation has exercised its option to purchase land controlled for some 160 years by the Maxwell Chambers Trust. The foundation plans to convert this entire city block into an urban park, but the purchase doesn’t include what?
A. The former First Bank building
B. The old Presbyterian session house
C. The Bell Tower
D. The former Wrenn House restaurant

9. During the recent Tuesday Night Out, Daniel Matangira thought it was a good time to hand out gifts to officers with the Salisbury Police Department. What was Matangira’s gift?
A. A dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts
B. Vouchers for free sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s
C. A fruit basket
D. Memberships to the new Planet Fitness

10. On Friday, Rowan Museum Inc. unveiled a sculpture signifying an important event in the county’s history. What does it represent?
A. George Washington’s visit to Salisbury in 1791
B. Stoneman’s Raid during the end of the Civil War in 1865
C. Elizabeth Maxwell Steele’s aid to Gen. Nathanael Greene during the American Revolution
D. American Red Cross nurses’ support of troop trains during World War I


Answers below:


1. D.
2. B.
3. D.
4. A.
5. A.
6. C.
7. B.
8. B.
9. C.
10. A.