Cooking competition begins Saturday at the Farmers’ Market

Published 11:47 am Thursday, August 4, 2016

With the help of Premier Choice Magazine, Divine Appetit Company, and Livingstone College (LCHospitality), the Salisbury-Rowan Farmers’ Market is hosting the entry rounds to Salisbury’s own cooking show.

Join the cooking challenge Saturday morning. There will be three heats at 9, 10 and 11 a.m., when contestants will have a limited amount of time to put together their best cooking idea using items from the market.

Entry is $10, which cooks will get back as a stipend for buying items for the competition. This first round entry will be a chance to advance to the five round competition with a chance to win a job with Chef D’Andrea Lawson from Divine Appetit Catering. Entrants will have a chance to be selected for a five-on-five competition under the advisement of Dr. Vivian Ray and Chef D’Andrea.

Two qualifying rounds will be at the market and most follow up rounds will be at Livingstone’s School of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts (the former Holiday Inn) where there are multiple fully outfitted cooking stations.