Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 8-3-16

Published 12:11 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump lacks character and competence for presidency

The choice before America this November is like no other in our memory. It transcends the usual differences in policy, social and economic issues. The choice will be about our most dearly held values, not as Republicans, Democrats or Independents, but as Americans.

As a former Republican and now independent, I can say that my opinion is NOT a partisan one, but a patriotic one. I sympathize with many of my Republican and conservative friends who have seen the party of Lincoln and Reagan hijacked by a demagogue and his terrifying vision of America.

While I understand the frustrations that helped Donald Trump defeat a Republican field of eminently more qualified candidates, I cannot believe those frustrations are so great that people would abandon the values, principals and traditions that have made America the greatest nation on earth.

Trump lacks the character, temperament and competence to be President of the United States. He is a narcissist, bigot and xenophobe who is devoid of principle and lacks common decency. He mocks the physically handicapped, refers to women as pigs, and shows disdain and disrespect for our American soldiers and POWs.

Trump wishes to divide our country along racial and religious lines. He has said he would command our soldiers to commit war crimes and violate the Geneva convention.

The thought of a man as reckless and unstable as Donald Trump holding the lives of our troops and the country’s nuclear weapons in his hands terrifies me.

When each of us votes this November, we must look into our hearts, search our souls, and decide what is most important, party or country? What legacy will we leave our children and grandchildren?

Regardless of your politics or your feelings about his opponent, please vote with your conscience. America must not elect a President Trump.

— Paul Bardinas