Letters to the editor — Monday (8-1-2016)

Published 12:18 am Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary doesn’t represent change

Think about this. If you painted a picture of a room filled with high dollar lawyers, what would you have? It may as well be one of our now government. A government of the “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” kind of government. “Got to pay to play” is the number one Clinton rule of the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump may not have all of the answers. He may not be able to change government overnight. But I am betting that he will try. He will make changes that are going to begin to mend and fix a broken system, of many years, to become much better. Regan was our best leader for us. He knew that The People were the most important asset of America. Not money or big business. He knew that in order to remain free, we have to be willing to fight for our freedom. To take a stand against those who would try and lead us astray as our government has been trying to do.

Obama is a gifted enough speaker that could charm a piece of bread from the hands of a starving, homeless person. But as a leader of a country, he is not so gifted. Hillary can hide behind her smile and grit her teeth saying “it hasn’t been proven yet” all she wants to. It doesn’t change the facts of who she has been. Someone not trustworthy. Someone, having gone through five investigations of doing wrong, is running for president?

Americans have to want change. A better government. A different now and future than the path that has been set by those in our government today. The person that you see in your mirror has the power to do so much. Use that power wisely.

— Arthur Liles

China Grove

Voters need IDs

Regarding the court ruling on North Carolina’s voter ID law: How can it be racial to ask for  ID when voting? Are you kidding me? How will the poll workers know you are John Doe or Jane Smith? Just because you are of a different race does not excuse anyone from following the rules. Every voting age citizen should have a legal photo ID. Aparently the appeals court justices are Democrats. So we make a huge deal out of nothing important. If you do not have a photo ID, go and get one. It is not rocket science.

— Hugh Bost


Court was right

A federal appeals court did the right thing by striking down some of the election restrictions recently enacted by Republicans in our state. We should be wary of any political party, government, or state that wants to reduce voting. As a supporter of democracy I think that we need more citizens voting on more things.

    — Chuck Mann