Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 31, 2016

1. China Grove Police Chief Eddie Kluttz is retiring Monday. Over his more than six years as the town’s top law enforcement officer, how many homicides has China Grove seen?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 3

D. 9

2. Nancy Goodnight, the current Rowan-Salisbury Schools Teacher of the Year, recently returned from her trip with the 2016 Global Teachers program. Where did she go?

A. South Africa

B. Ireland

C. Venezuela

D. Japan

3. The Carolina Brotherhood Ride, in which bicyclists honored fallen firefighters, police officers and emergency personnel and their families, made Salisbury its destination point last Wednesday before continuing the journey Thursday morning. The five-day trip of roughly 463 miles went from where to where?

A. Asheville to Charleston, S.C.

B. Columbia, S.C., to Raleigh

C. Greenville, S.C., to Wilmington.

D. Greensboro to Charleston, S.C.

4. Artist-architect-urban designer Josh Canup created something for the city of Salisbury that was installed this past week. What was it?

A. A 10-foot-high “Welcome to Salisbury” sign for East Innes Street at the Interstate 85 interchange

B. A permanent sculpture, modern in design, next to Salisbury Station

C. A new, landscaped median for Jake Alexander Boulevard between Faith and Old Concord roads

D. An archway for Hogan’s Alley off North Main Street

5. A 1953 building that once housed the classrooms and living quarters of Rowan Memorial Hospital’s nursing school and X-ray technology school is expected to be demolished in September. Over what time period did Rowan Memorial Hospital operate a nursing school?

A. From 1936 to 1966

B. From 1944 to 1972

C. From 1927 to 1981

D. From 1953 to 1999

6. The Rowan County American Legion baseball team won its second state championship in a row this past week with a 3-2 walk-off victory in Wingate over tournament host Union County. How man state titles has the Salisbury/Rowan team now won in its history?

A. Four

B. Seven

C. Nine

D. 12

7. During the past week’s VFW National Convention in Charlotte, Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald gave special recognition to Chuck Mauldin, a nurse at the Hefner VA Medical Center inSalisbury. What did Maulden do for a patient that couldn’t go unnoticed by McDonald?

A. Over a five-week period, Maulden drove a veteran to and from the hospital — a roundtrip of 20 miles every day — while the man was receiving cancer treatments

B. Maulden gave a veteran patient one of his kidneys, though he had not known the man before he came to the hospital for treatment

C. He paid for the private funeral service and burial of a veteran who had been one of his patients

D. He literally gave the shoes off his feet to a veteran whom he had treated for blisters

8. Despite neighbors’ opposition, the Rowan County Planning Board gave its recommendation for a rezoning to allow a new store at the corner of Bringle Ferry and Providence Church roads. What business is it?

A. Dollar General

B. CVS Pharmacy

C. Walgreens

D. Speedway

9. Kannapolis City Council has adopted a Downtown Master Development Plan anticipating $374 million in private investment over the next decade. What would be the estimated public investment to go with that?

A. $113 million

B. $213 million

C. $313 million

D. $413 million

10. Delhaize Group, the parent company of Salisbury-based Food Lion, recently completed its merger with what other grocer?

A. Kroger

B. Royal Ahold

C. Aldi

D. Safeway


1. B.
2. A.
3. B.
4. D.
5. B.
6. C.
7. D.
8. A.
9. A.
10. B.