Letters to the editor – Sunday – 7-31-16

Published 12:05 am Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rustin gone but never forgotten

On Saturday, July 23, the town of East Spencer lost a great pioneer. We lost John L. Rustin Sr.

Mr. Rustin was always devoted to serving East Spencer. He served on our police department for about 30 years. He also served as mayor, alderman and commissioner for the East Spencer Housing Authority, as well the planning board. He was adamant about being part of the East Spencer Democratic Party, where he served as chairman for a number of years.

I first met Chief personally about 10 years ago. I knew there was something special about him, the way he cared about East Spencer. He took me under his wing and urged me to get involved in the community and politics, saying, “I’m getting old now and we need young men like yourself to step up.”

I immediately started attending Democratic meetings and town hall meetings with him. Chief had all the answers.

No matter where we went, everybody knew John L. Rustin. It was a blessing and an honor to have known Chief. He will  be missed. R.I.P., Chief. Job well done, my friend and mentor.

— Curtis B. Cowan

East Spencer.

Cowan is mayor pro tem of East Spencer.

Dems are dreaming

How many dreamed of Disneyland yet never got there? For those still into fantasy, the Democratic National Convention has a new dreamland for you, Demoland.

In Demoland, everyone goes to college free. The teachers, administrators and staff work for free; no one gets a bill, not the students, parents or even grandparents.

The king of Demoland with a name that rhymes with Osama desires to pass his want to his supposed all-knowing, all-powerful, all mighty handmaiden with the laugh of a wicked witch. This new queen will take better care of us than her king.

The would-be queen likes to brag and boast of her national security and defense abilities, yet is was during her reign that ISIS was born; she was its mother.

Further, when was an American ambassador and his entire staff murdered? He supposedly loving, caring false image was exposed when before Congress she screeched, “What difference does it make now?” Perhaps to the families of the dead?

She says build bridges rather than walls. Bridges for more terrorists to enter and commit more murders, which are now a weekly or daily occurrence?

What of the Demo security land when her king has released 88,000 illegals from jails and opened the prisons of drug dealers? Our would-be queen waits defenseless; often her king has cut back the military. She wants to make sure we are by banning and confiscating guns.

The king and queen say we are better off now. Are we? Are you better off now than eight years ago?

Did we do food drives and stuff the buses eight years ago?

Finally, do you have one of those new, low-paying, part-time jobs they created. Her magic kingdom — isn’t it grand?

— W.F. Owens


Kluttz a good chief

On July 31, our town of China Grove said goodbye to our retiring police chief, Chief Eddie Kluttz. Our great little town has been well served by Chief Kluttz over the past years, as all of our citizens have watched him serve our town unselfishly, and always putting the good of the town and our citizens as his top priority.

He has transformed our Police Department, created a sense of community service within the ranks and a sense of family among our officers.  Under Chief Kluttz’s leadership, morale has improved, our citizens are safer, our officers are more involved in the community, and there is the highest amount of respect between the citizens and our officers.

For over a year, Chief Kluttz has worked tirelessly to execute a transition plan for his retirement, working to ensure that our Police Department does not miss a beat as he retires.  We are truly blessed to have the Police Department that he leaves us with.

We should all be proud that today in rural America, we still get to observe true public servants, those individuals like Chief Kluttz, who so love their community that they will do whatever it takes to make the community better.  All of the citizens of China Grove say “thank you” for your service and for making our town a much better place than it was before you arrived as chief.  You will be missed. Godspeed, my friend!

— Rodney Phillips

China Grove

Phillips is a member of the China Grove Board of Aldermen.