Letters to the editor – Thursday – 7-28-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2016

Article understated crowd at Donald Trump rally

Much is said these days about the newspapers, as well as mass media distributors, who provide biased reporting to lead their readers towards one candidate or another.

I would think it would be virtually impossible for anyone reporting on the Trump appearance in Winston- Salem. Your article reported that “ Speaking in front of a near capacity crowd inside the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex…,” etc.

Anyone at that event in the building or outside would have to know the building was packed. Hundreds, including myself, stood in a never-ending line in sweltering heat outside and were indeed turned away.Per police, the fire marshal stated it was maxed ou, and could not let the hundreds in line go in.

Both parties do everything they can to fill the venues they arrange. And when someone writes a “near capacity crowd,” when in fact it was an overflow crowd with hundreds turned away, you have to wonder — a simple mistake in reporting, or  reporting tilted away from the candidate?

— Mike Meacham


Money wasted on HB2

From the Associated Press (you’d never hear it from the N.C. press), “State lawmakers last month agreed to take $500,000 from a disaster relief fund and give it to McCrory’s office for litigation related to the law (HB2).”

What an outrageous expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars, and for what? A disaster of their own making. Add to that the tens, possibly hundreds, of millions in business revenue that HB2 has already cost the taxpayers of this state.

Wake up, voters. Get your head out of the sand and into the 21st century. What’s next? Burning witches at the stake? Giving the 1 percenters another tax break? How about we reduce the education budget some more and lock N.C. in as 50th state for education?

— Dwayne Dvoracek


About that wall

Forget Trump’s wall. If he gets elected president, I wouldn’t blame Canada if they built a wall on their southern border.

— Randy Alley