Brad Bost heads Salisbury Rotary Club

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 24, 2016

Brad Bost has taken office as the new president of Salisbury Rotary Club, succeeding Dianne Greene.

Bost said among his goals would be increasing the club’s membership, now at 112, and to leave the club better than he found it. “That’s how I was raised,” he said.

Bost joined the club in 1997 at the invitation of his father, Wayne.

Other officers include Bill Lee, treasurer; Donnie Clement, secretary; Chris Bradshaw, president-elect; and Greene, past president.

Board members are Doug Loeblein, Mark Conforti, Carol Spalding, Jeff Wetmore, Elaine Spalding, John Grubb, Eric Nianouris, Steve Fisher and Nathan Peele.

The club welcomed new members Hunter Fisher and Melanie Denton on Tuesday.

Other members recognized for joining recently include Beverly Fowler, Graham Corriher, Henry Brown, Lynn Moody, Lane Bailey, Pete Smith, Aaron Church, Gary Blabon, Michael Edwards, Andrew Miller, Andrew Walker, Brad Williams, Richard Reinholz, Chris Shelton and David Hall.