Dr. Ada Fisher: Actions vs. words in conservatives’ treatment of women

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 21, 2016

Too often men in powerful positions abuse women. The pathetic advances plied upon women in subordinate positions is as bad as the misosgynist lyrics to violent songs which demean women yet command our ears.

Enter, stage right — one Roger Ailes at Fox News who is being investigated for serious charges of sexual harassment of female news anchors there.  Unfortunately, the entertainment and news industry is rigged to save men behaving badly who hold powerful positions and are subjecting women in subordinate roles to often inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances.

John McLaughlin of The McLaughlin Group, a former priest, settled a sexual harassment suit in 1992 while still being allowed to pursue his punditry. And the often esteemed Bill O’Reilly fell under a similar spell in an October 2004 settled suit. Let us also not forget America’s once favorite dad, Bill Cosby, who has yet to be tried for years of actions befitting a sexual predator.

The hypocrisy of these men, who peddle conservative values that belie their actions, is shameful.  Unfortunately, men who abuse women in elevators for all to see or in the privacy of their homes often escape punishment because of their money or fame or simply because of their maleness, disallowing the females involved similar counsel.

Steve Harvey and Michael Strahan were accused of battery but now are being allowed to advance to further fame and fortune in the multimillionaire realm without close scrutiny of alleged treatment of women.  Don’t worry about the oppression of women outside of our borders while turning a blind eye to where you live.

Another factor in not resolving cases favorably for women who are insulted might be the lack of female justices throughout the court system.  I’m hoping the next Supreme Court justice will be an African-American woman. Too often the unreported crimes against women are body blows to us or assaults on the products of our wombs — children whose lives must matter.

Dr. Ada Fisher of Salisbury is N.C. Republican National Committeewoman.  Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145 or DrFisher@DrAdaMFisher.com.