Letters to the editor — Monday (7-18-2016)

Published 12:21 am Monday, July 18, 2016

Video bill helps protect police

Given recent events that have occurred in our country, steps need to be taken to protect our law enforcement officials from people who wish to harm them. HB 972, a new bill just signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory does just that.

The bill protects law enforcement from vicious attacks by media outlets who wish to exploit police conduct without knowing the full context. The bill accomplishes this by not making police body camera footage part of the public record, with only those in the video being able to access these videos. The bill also creates the Blue Alert System, which will help catch those individuals who wish to harm law enforcement officials.

Each of these steps are necessary in helping to protect the people who protect us, our law enforcement officials.

— Mike Caskey


Ford stays home

I so agree with Franda Raymer concerning Carl Ford not going to the National Republican Party Convention in Cleveland.  Rep. Ford made the comment that Trump is a better choice than Hillary.  REALLY? The village idiot could have figured that one out with all her baggage.

Why didn’t he just say I don’t like Trump instead of talking out of both sides of his mouth?  Come election time, I will remember Carl Ford and not vote for him.  Whether you like Trump or not, he is the only one so far that has the guts to realize that our country is not as revered as we once were, because of the way this administration has no strategy  to keep us safe!

If we don’t get conservative Supreme Court justices our country will not recover.

— Glenda Barber