Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 17, 2016

1. Rowan County Manager Aaron Church announced the hiring this past week of Robert J. Krawczyk as the first what in Rowan?

A. Gem master at Dan Nicholas Park

B. Veterinarian at the animal shelter

C. Human relations coordinator

D. Solar farm regulator

2. Which of the following Republicans from Rowan County will be in attendance at the coming week’s National GOP Convention in Cleveland?

A. Carl Ford

B. Harry Warren

C. Craig Pierce

D. None of the above

3. The city of Kannapolis has received information on the second phase of a study looking at the possibility of a sports and entertainment venue in the downtown. What’s the estimated cost of such a facility?

A. $18.7 million

B. $26 million

C. $38.8 million

D. $51.7 million

4. Former East Rowan High pitcher Joe Peeler is playing this summer in what professional baseball league?

A. The Arizona Summer Rookie League

B. The South Atlantic League

C. The Eastern League

D. The International League

5. What Bethesda, Md.-based company has announced its intentions to purchase Alcoa’s four dams and hydropower facilities along the Yadkin River.

A. Terrapin Power & Electric

B. Kennedy Hydroelectric

C. Cube Hydro

D. Mason-Dixon Line Power Co.

6. Brunello, a horse will strong connections to Salisbury natives Jack and Lisa Towell and their daughter, Liza, recently received the distinction of being a Breyer Horse. What does that mean?

A. He will be retired as a champion jumper, known in equestrian circles as a Breyer

B. The Horse of the Year honor, which Brunello won, is named for the company that makes ice cream

C. The Breyer Award is the most prestigious in thoroughbred racing

D. Brunello was chosen as a model for toy horses produced by the Breyer company

7. Cheerwine Kreme is a new soft drink combining the flavors of Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Cheerwine was originally produced in Salisbury almost 100 years ago. In what North Carolina city did Krispy Kreme originate?

A. Asheville

B. Burlington

C. Winston-Salem

D. Wilson

8. Who is considered the father of China Grove’s Farmers Day?

A. John DeMarcus

B. Gene Long

C. Steve Luther

D. Bobby Mault

9. The Rowan County Register of Deeds office recently accomplished a huge goal. What was it?

A. The digitizing of all records

B. Providing a drive-up window so residents can pick up routine documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses

C. Moving to a new office at the West End Plaza

D. Being accredited by the National Register of Deeds Association

10. What historical property will be transferred and come under the supervision of Rowan Museum Inc. effective Nov. 1?

A. The Hall House Museum

B. The Gold Hill Mining District

C. The Rockwell Museum

D. The China Grove Roller Mill


1. B.
2. D.
3. C.
4. A.
5. C.
6. D.
7. C.
8. B.
9. A.
10. D.