Doug Creamer: Painting the Summer away

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 16, 2016

Since returning from a restful time at the beach I have been painting the outside of the house. I am lucky to own a brick home, but it does leave windows, doors, and trim that need painting. I don’t do well in summer’s heat, so I have been rising early in the morning and attempting to get my work done before lunch.

I try to get started just as soon as there is enough light to see. It is interesting to be outside so early in the morning. The first thing you notice is how quiet it is outside. While I imagine most of my neighbors are up, they haven’t ventured out yet. The morning paper hasn’t even arrived.
The first sounds I hear are the birds as they wake up and begin to sing. I would have thought it would be the local rooster who would begin the chorus of music, but he joins the song a bit later. One-by-one the songs join together to welcome the new day. Then the hummingbird buzzes to the feeder and I watch him yawn and stretch.
The only sound I would prefer not to hear is the whine of the mosquito as he circles my head looking for a place to land and enjoy a meal. Then gradually there comes the sound of garage doors opening and cars starting as my neighbors venture off to work. Before long I am left to the heat and the sweat while I paint.
I have been working most days until about lunchtime. While I stay focused on finishing the job, there have been some other things that have been neglected, like my garden. We have enjoyed some of the vegetables like beans and squash, but we are waiting as patiently as possible for the tomatoes. The recent neglect of my garden has afforded the weeds a chance to grow big and strong. I guess I will have to get up early one morning and get out there and get them back under control.
The painting is going smoothly and moving right along. As I look at the difference between the painted and unpainted places I can see how it really looks better. I want to maintain the outside appearance and keep up the house. I feel the same way about my spiritual life. In many ways we all have to work on our spiritual lives to maintain our spiritual growth.
It’s easy to allow the world to sneak in and take over our lives. There are so many demands on our time and energy that pull us away from our spiritual lives. So many things have to get done that we can choose to put off important spiritual maintenance. We need to examine our lives and see where we might have slipped and need to repent…to apply a fresh coat of paint…the blood of Jesus.
The blood of Jesus cleanses us from everything that can separate us from the love of God. It has the power to restore our joy and peace. When we are refreshed by the presence of God our countenance changes and the world sits up and takes notice. People know that we have been touched and changed by the Spirit of God. They actually want what we have.
There are several important things we can do to maintain our spiritual vitality. When we worship Him and lift Him up in our lives, He will lift us up. When we spend time with Him whether we are interceding, praying, or just talking to Him as our friend, He will lift our burdens. If you find that you are discouraged or going through a tough time, there is comfort in the Word of God. There are so many scriptures that can affirm God’s love, help and presence for you. Another good thing to do is spend time with other believers and listen to their testimony of how God saw them through tough times in their lives. All these things can apply a fresh coat of the Spirit of God to our spiritual houses.
I want to encourage you to honestly look at your spiritual house and see if you can use a refreshing dose of His Spirit. God wants you to be renewed and refreshed so you will be ready to share your testimony of God’s ever present help in your hour of need. God is for you and He stands ready with His spiritual paint brushes to apply a fresh coat of His Spirit to your life. Receive His fresh anointing and walk in His joy, peace, and love.

Doug Creamer has authored  two books: The Bluebird Café and Revenge at the Bluebird Café. Contact him at

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