Letters to the editor — Sunday (7-3-2016)

Published 12:20 am Sunday, July 3, 2016

Salisbury Symphony enriches community

Have you thought about our symphony lately?

It certainly bears some pondering on our part.

When I think about our symphony, I always remember the children’s story about the “Little Engine” that could — climbing up the hill and not giving up until it finally made it. It’s miraculous that our small community even has a symphony and a very exceptional one at that! Can you believe that 50 years ago a small group of forward thinking people planted this seed knowing that the value of fine music would enrich our lives?

Think about all of the things this organization has accomplished in these 50 years. Think about its impact on the Salisbury/Rowan area’s children and adults.

Just to list a few, we now have:

• Eight symphony performances every season (including The Nutcracker). If you’ve never been, you should treat yourself and your family. What a sound these groups of instruments make under the superior direction of maestro David Hagy.

• Pops at the Post. This is a favorite for our entire region. There’s something for every type of music lover — and it’s free!

• The wonderful decorated pianos which our own junior and senior high school students designed. They are on display outside downtown stores for everyone to try their hands at “tickling the ivories.”

• The after school strings program. It gives children a start on learning a musical instrument.

• The youth orchestra. This group is for older children who have learned to master an instrument.

Think about what Salisbury would be like without our symphony. Thanks to a relatively small group of dedicated people who are extremely involved, the symphony remains successful. Are there others in this area who might think of giving some of their time, even in a small way, so that our symphony can keep growing? For something that gives our lives so much pleasure and prestige, we need many more giving their support.

These are some of my thoughts about this exciting addition to our community.

I hope you THINK ABOUT it too.

— Dotty Clement


Right and wrong

What happened in Orlando was wrong. To yell obscenities in someone’s ear is wrong. The article “Equality is not trendy” indicates the situation was not handled in a respectable manner.

What made the names (whatever they were) be something of which the “brave family’s father” should be ashamed? Has God indicated in his word concerning those “names” that an individual should be ashamed to use? There must be some kind of guideline to determine acceptable “names” and unacceptable “names,” actions and or lifestyles.

Concerning the “LGBTQ community,” God calls homosexuality an abomination. Is an abomination to God not something of which to be ashamed? “Brave and loving straight allies,” if they truly love you will not encourage anything that can result in your being condemned by God.

 — Jimmy Kinley