Talkback: What online readers say about…

Published 12:01 am Friday, July 1, 2016

… Whitney Peckman: Building could be community center for East Spencer

Are our children really our future? The actions that are speaking louder than words say NO!!

With the information and number crunching already in existence, what can the powers that be that can make this happen waiting for? We have an opportunity to “empower” a whole community. Who would not want to be a part of this?

— Natasha Darrington

… Amid state, national LGBT conversations, Salisbury hosts sixth pride festival

We had fun! Love that Salisbury has so much Pride!

— Leilani Annand

Fantastic! So proud of my hometown, and I look forward to attending in the future.

— Lisa Dyer

Salisbury is a short drive up from Charlotte. I really enjoy the small town charm, that’s combined with such a welcoming community.

Despite the negativity of some of the sign holders at Salisbury Pride, it’s my hope that the love and respect of those who attended will one day influence those protesters to put down their signs and join us in solidarity. These LGBT pride events are for everyone to enjoy. I had a wonderful time and look forward to coming again.

— Stacy Vasoll

So proud of my home town! One day I will make it back to attend.

This small southern town has come a long way. City Council can get on board our we will leave them behind. The choice is theirs. Yay to Jamie Monroe! I will see you perform sometime!

— Beth Brooker

… Despite improvements, Rowan hasn’t fully recovered from economic recession

This is what happens when you have a bunch of social conservatives running the county board. They’re more worried about prayers before commision meetings then working to secure decent jobs for the county.

— Randy Locke

… Annual sculpture show recognized with national award

Please give credit where credit is due! Without the supreme efforts of city planner (retired) Lynn Raker, and the Salisbury Public Art Committee, we would not have this very successful show.

Not only do we have a rotating show that changes annually, many entities have chosen to purchase pieces that now remain in our community! Kudos to the folks behind the scene that make these wonderful things happen in Salisbury NC!

— Sue McHugh

… Durafiber Technologies employees look back on 50 years

The plant has changed names so many times it is hard to know what to call it on any given day. I started working there in 1967 and retired in 1992.

I agree about the family attitude.

I love going to the Christmas party and seeing the Old Gang! I also like the web site FII buddies. Good way to keep up with the friends we worked with.

— Sue Horton

… Ada Fisher: Brexit, Trump and the global revolution

“When corporations allow executives to make 500 times that given employees or take one-third or more of the profits without question, something is amiss. The checks and balances aren’t there as they should be in government.”

I’m confused. This doesn’t sound like the Republican platform. Government regulation is the answer?

— Cathy Hutchens


… Future of RSS Long Street office still to be determined

This is turning into another big Salisbury Side Show.

— Rick Morris

Glad to hear the open discussion of community needs. Public entities partnering with non-profits and businesses is necessary in this era of shrinking funds. Keep up the good work on both sides of the discussion!

—GeoRene Jones

… RSS receives two bids for former Long Street offices

With utilities and maintenance costs estimated at over $3,000 per month on the average, closed school building of this size, the school board is to be commended for taking bids, and upset bids on the project. At this point, the building still has at least some nominal market value.

— Jeff Morris

… Wes Rhinier: On this July 4, revisit words of independence

My read tells me that Wes Rhinier wants us to clean our guns, buy ammunition and meet on the 4th July. Where are we to meet, Wes – who is in charge and what (who) are we going at? Frightening!

Wes says “voting is useless”. Nine percent of Rowan County voters selected a Democrat and Republican to complete for the 13th District slot in November. When only 9 percent of voters turn out to vote, we only have ourselves to blame when we get poor representation and bad government. It’s that way across the country. To a large degree, this kind of empathy and lack of interest has led us to the situation we now face..

— Jack Connery

… Lawmakers: NC budget deal reached

So no way a teacher of children with special needs would ever receive a bonus! Then there may another degrading “raise” for teachers who have been tapped out on the “common salary schedule” for 7 or so years (I’ve lost count). We lost money during the last ‘raise’ when our longivity was taken away. This is so unfair to so many educators of North Carolina. No wonder NC teachers are leaving for better career opportunities.

— Rosie Walker

… Coal ash neighbors included in county’s latest water system plans

If it is clear that Duke Energy has truly caused a contamination problems then Duke Energy’s stock holders should pay for the pipeline, not we the taxpayers.

— Danny Patterson

… Hudson, congressional delegation not granted visas for Cuba visit

Considering Hudson’s past xenophobic stances pertaining to immigration and refugees, how could you blame Cuba? He lacks critical reasoning abilities and shouldn’t be representing anyone in Congress – let alone traveling outside of the country and embarrassing America!

— Carl Prine

If Cuba truly wants ‘normalized’ relations with our country, their government could allow passport-holding U.S. residents and citizens to enter, without having to apply for a visa from their government. It’s an arrangement we have with most countries in the Western Hemisphere. And their country could benefit from the tourism. Visa applications are too cumbersome, and apparently there is now a perception that denials are somewhat arbitrary.

— Jeff Morris