Letters to the editor — Thursday (6-30-16)

Published 12:01 am Thursday, June 30, 2016

Equality is not trendy

The drive for equality for all Americans is not “trendy.” What is “trendy” about wanting a safe place where young people can be themselves without worrying about physical harm? Orlando taught us that is not the case. However, we will continue to gather together in solidarity with our brave and loving straight allies.

What is gross was having a “brave family’s” father yell in my ear about how he cared for us in one breath and in the other call me names he should have been ashamed of saying in front of his small children which he paraded up and down the street for hours without allowing them to have any water until the police intervened and made him do so.

And yes, some people may consider sexual equality and inclusiveness as petty and delusional, but I know from experience it is the only way the people in the LGBTQ community will ever be able to get their fair share of the American Dream. Equality and inclusiveness gives us the opportunity to get and keep a job which allows us to provide for our families, send our children to college, buy a home, and work without fear of reprisal for simply being who we are. Without this equality, we are the ones not able to enter the job market freely.

There is no confusion in what Pride Day was about. We are very clear in our mission which states “Salisbury Pride, Inc. builds safe inclusive communities in Rowan County and the surrounding areas with an emphasis on acceptance and valuing individuals of all sexual orientations or gender identities by: providing opportunities for positive visibility in and around the community; providing a safe environment that permits the expression of diverse perspectives; and education for the purpose of cultivating harmony within the community.”

— Beth Meadows


Remembering Dane Barger

Thank you Dane Barger!

For 18 years we had the honor of working with Dane Barger and his family for the Faith 4th of July parade. The three of us were parade co-chairmen until two years ago. We took the entries and lined it up on paper and then turned it over to Dane to work his magic putting everything in its place on parade day. Dane passed away in March, but we will always remember him at Faith 4th of July parade time. We just wanted to say thank you, Dane Barger. It was an honor to know you.

— James, Sylvia and Pam Alexander