Letters to the editor — Tuesday (6-28-16)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pride Festival message not the real goal

The “Pride” Day for Salisbury, a political stunt with the accompanying downtown promo, has left as residue several photos in the Post as well as the specter of uncritical and hollow trendiness that is passing over America, and on a smaller scale, Salisbury.

The pictures display several exhibitionists and a small group of protestors carrying signs of their opposition to what they consider gross immorality. They are the courageous ones, as it is easy to join a mob of gawkers, exhibitionists, narcissists and tourists who use in the most cynical way the word “love” and claim to be for “equality for all.”

What sort of equality is this, and how meaningful is it? U.S. society is rapidly becoming ever more unequal in the distribution and concentration of wealth, and the future of those entering the job market ever more precarious due to the effects of submission to “the market” and the results of globalization.

People gripe about these and their consequences and then involve themselves in such petty nonsense as “sexual equality” and “inclusiveness,” whereas these are canards to delude the masses from issues that affect their lives and futures. The proclaimed goals are not really those of such movements but rather to sow confusion in the minds of people and make any sort of sexuality worthy of approval, although I doubt that most would agree, but fear of being labeled a “bigot” or out of step with the times leads to a silence which, faute de mieux, implies consent.

Only the small family of Mennonites had the valor to stand up and be counted. The rest I perceive as the modern-day equivalent of decadent Romans for whom excesses such as this event are part of a blase, triviality-saturated existence.

— Richard Nash Creel