Letters to the editor — Monday (6-27-2016)

Published 12:23 am Monday, June 27, 2016

It seems a name change is needed for the Democrat Party to the Oxymoron Party. Better yet, the two-faced, forked-tongue, hypocrite party.

Having debauched almost every past principle, it has now taken up illegal revolution — illegally seizing control of the U.S. House of Representatives in order to supposedly pass another needless gun law. Ironically, the law they claim to hold so near and dear they are now violating with their actions and deeds.

What an example they set. They are wild, lawless and irresponsible yet expect the nation to be bound by equality, law and order, while their party is not!

What of the hundreds of thousands of existing gun laws that go ignored and unenforced. Criminals and terrorists can have guns, yet the rest of us are to be prohibited and punished.

What did the federal ABC police do concerning the last two multiple-murdering terrorists? Nothing!

If anyone still believes gun laws control guns, they need look no further than the last two weeks in the Salisbury Post. Salisbury police bravely arrested a gang of four who were shooting up the west side. All four were armed with pistols. All four were prohibited from having pistols, three by age (under 21) and one by prior felony convictions. They were also illegally using and dealing dope.

Has anyone heard of the ATF, FBI or DEA coming to town to charge these outlaws with federal felonies? No, and you will not. So much for gun laws.

— W.F. Owens



Mad men

Throughout history there have been mad men who have answered their nation’s call. George Washington thought he could lick the greatest army in the world. He didn’t have a snowball’s chance. Winston Churchill was selling blood, sweat and tears. Try some of that at the next convention. George Patton said he could be in Bastogne in 48 hours. Bull Halsey said when they were finished “the only place Japanese would be spoken was in hell.” How preposterous and arrogant can you get?

In 1836 at a dusty little mission in Texas there was Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett. When the barbarians breach the wall, who will stand with you? Perhaps the question we should ask is how soon can you get to Bastogne?

— Stan Berkshire