Letters to the editor – Thursday – 6-23-16

Published 12:32 am Thursday, June 23, 2016

Too many play politics with Orlando massacre

This morning the Post included Raleigh News & Observer editorial that makes laudatory but patently absurd statements (“ticking-up”?) regarding the abysmal economic stagnation of the seven-plus-year Democrat administration. It then pauses to take a gratuitous,irrelevant and inevitable cheap-shot at the “wascaly” Republicans.

Combining this editorial with Ms. Gaines extensively, perhaps selectively, researched (Chicago gun-violence comes to mind) lead-up the Orlando massacre (“The deadly truth about gun violence,” Monday) brings into sharper focus that when all of this is in the hands of this same Democrat administration, it sets a new low of “never letting a serious crisis go to waste” by affirming the cynical fact that their anti-Second Amendment political play-book (including scary censorship) commands a higher priority than the mourning of the dead —  or even whispering,  “radical Islam.”

Note: “The Long Hot Summer” movie of  1958 with Paul Newman is a timely metaphor.

— Bob Trundle


Wanna buy a bridge?

Recently I watched Loretta Lynch being interviewed by Chris Wallace. He asked her about the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. Part of her reply was that she and her boss, the president, have never discussed it. Come on! The attorney general and the president have never discussed the possible indictment of the Democrats’ nominee for president, the person Obama has endorsed and is campaigning for? Wanna buy a bridge?

The government is filtering our news. This scares me even more than ISIS. It goes along with forced health care, at the exclusion of our government employees. It stinks of way too much government — an oligarchy — and is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Think about this! When our government decides to edit the news to fit their agenda, it not only skews the reader’s thinking, but it opens the door to limiting freedom of the press.

While I agree that the press can surely be over-the-top, I heartily defend its rights. Without the Washington Post and zealous reporters, we wouldn’t have known about Nixon’s involvement in Watergate. By the way, that incident seems benign in light of what’s going on in our government today.

I’ve been thinking about gun control. Outlawing guns — even limiting who can buy one, and what they can buy — will only affect sane, honest people who are wanting one for protection or hunting. I’m convinced of this. A good analogy is this: Only a few states have legalized marijuana, but anybody really wanting to buy some, can get it. Ask most any high school student, go to any college campus and ask. You’ll have it in hand by nightfall.

There are millions of guns in the U.S. Where do you think those guns will go? Or do you want federal agents breaking into people’s homes to confiscate them?

Very scary times, in my opinion.

— Kathryn Dews