Letters to the editor — Sunday (6-19-2016)

Published 12:34 am Sunday, June 19, 2016

Do-nothing senators should lose their jobs

As an American citizen and a 34-year-resident of North Carolina, I find myself totally befuddled by what is going on in our Senate. We have Republican senators refusing to do their jobs and we, the taxpayers, continue to pay their wages. To me, this is malfeasance and fraud on their part. They’re taking money under false pretenses and refusing to do the job they were elected to do.

It’s blatantly obvious to me that their priorities are: 1. The GOP 2. Themselves 3. Getting re-elected. 4. Corporations 5. Money.

Whatever happened to trying to do the best job possible for America and the people who voted them into office?

It is my belief that if the Republican Party can refuse to act on the president’s Supreme Court nominee, they should all be fired.

You and I know that in real life to refuse to do a job you were hired to do will get you sacked.

It’s a shame that North Carolina has the sorriest two senators in Congress. Look at their voting records, always according to party dictates. Never anything that will help working families. They should join the ranks of the unemployed. The sooner the better.

— David S.C. Harmon-Esquivel

China Grove


Follow Jesus’ example

In today’s world it sometimes seems like there is no compassion, there is too much hate, too much petty jealousy. It’s sad that every day somewhere there is another hate crime or another senseless or unjust act of violence which causes tears and sorrows. We can stop the hate and violence, we can love one another as Jesus would have loved one another. It just seems like 50 years ago in Mayberry we would have slowed down and helped our next door neighbor or we would have helped someone down on their luck. Violence and hate don’t solve anything but love can — that’s the meaning of the cross. Don’t hate — love!!

— Phillip Pless