Leading others to a legacy lifestyle: In honor of Mr. Ralph Ketner

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 18, 2016

By Dr. Chad Costantino

What do you say about the man, whose perspective, diligence, and inspiration, motivated others and taught the importance of supply and demand? Rituals, values and standards, he passionately understood; his identity was about uniting others to do as they should.

His moments were calculated in numbers, and his passion was providing for others. His purpose was to make a difference for the Kingdom of God and for his neighborhood. A lifestyle of legacy is what he showed you and me. A man of conviction, quick to repentance, persistent in his assignments and deep understanding of his mission.

He understood stewardship and honored the value of every dollar; he valued the hard work of others towards the Father. Progress pushed him forward, multiplying his product and mentoring others, living as an inspiring coach, and modeling leadership to the Body of Christ, whom he considered his sisters and brothers. He understood his weaknesses and his strengths; no matter what the cost, he always went through great lengths. He understood the limits to his ability, so he unified others by showing humility.

He showed them the future and spoke it by faith, optimistic in every way. A man of peace, a man who understood seed, time, and harvest, would lead others to prosper. Ambition was his ammunition. Unifying his community in oneness would help him grow his business across the Nation. Faithful to his family, faith and friends, faithful to give more, be more, do more, serve more, believe more, to the very end.

A man of focus, a man who understood the importance of every decision and how it would affect the long term vision. Success was not based upon who had the most money; success was determined in many ways. How would he be remembered in his last days? Would his accomplishments build up and unify others? Success to him was different than success to others.

Grudges tend to hold others back. Broken focus would always distract. He was aware of deception and cautious with his words. A man of wisdom, careful not to be disturbed. Atmosphere was important to him and he knew it would be to every customer, too. An atmosphere of peace and light, an atmosphere that would build up me and you. A sad story of his early beginnings made his redemption even greater winnings.

He knew his target, and ego did not get in the way; for he understood the difference between selfishness and being selfless each and every day. Not afraid to sacrifice for the greater good of others, he lived a life creed, decree, proclamation, declaration that was not aimlessly. Offering hope and modeling love, quick to forgive but expected excellence in every area of life. Training and staying healthy and pursuing your dream, morning, day and night.

He was a mentor to so many, including me. Modeling the difference between doing and just being. He knew the ingredients to an amazing day, a hero, others will even say. For he showed courage when so many others were afraid

As I spent time with him, he made it very clear that his true home was heaven, and his time was drawing near. He said, “Do not be sad for me, but celebrate, for I am ready to be home; I am ready to walk through those pearly gates.” He wanted others to know about his faith, for he gave glory to Him, his Lord, and not took it for his place.

For Mr. Ketner, his legacy still lives on. But how about yours and mine? A man of honor these days is very hard to find! Thank you, Mr. Ketner, for your willingness to step up, step out, and go all in. Thank you, Mr. Ketner, for not being afraid to stand firm in your faith and speak out to what you believe in. Now it is time for those you have mentored to lead and live a life of legacy to help others believe and achieve what God created them to be. There is a lifestyle of legacy in all of us, but what you focus on will determine your decisions, and your decisions will determine your success in whether you reach your long term vision and achieve their very best.

Dr. Chad Costantino is the Founder and Director of Abundant Life Counseling Center in Kernersville, and Abundant Life Films in Salisbury. He is a motivational speaker, leadership coach and counselor. He can be reached at Abundantlifefilms@gmail.com

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