Quotes of the week

Published 6:45 pm Thursday, June 16, 2016

“It’s more than a tragedy. A tragedy is an accident. An atrocity is with intent. And this definitely was with intent.”

— Mayor Karen Alexander, on the mass killing at an Orlando nightclub

“Our only natural inclination as humans is love. You have to be taught hate. Violence is something you learn.”

— Robin Tanner, pastor, Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church, at the Salisbury Pride vigil held in memory of the Orlando shooting victims

“It’s a war that we cannot win.”

— Chuck Hughes, RSS school board member, on keeping pace with the raises that other counties are likely to give teachers, along with a state raise

“I look forward to dying. I know where I’m going.”

— Bobby Leazer, who says he had the near-death experience of conversing with God after being shocked in a work accident

“Every time you start your mower, you are dealing with a dangerous and potentially deadly piece of equipment.”

— Susan Stout, president and CEO, Amputee Coalition