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Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Life Master

Congratulations to an old Salisbury friend Brenda Pace who earned enough gold points at the Raleigh Regional to attain the level of Life Master.

It is amazing how long it can take to amass 2 gold points. She has been working to earn these for over 1 ½ years. The moral of the story for all of you: Never give up. Many of us have had the same experience. Congratulations Brenda.

Many players are beginning to open their hands with very light counts. In the new Bridge Bulletin, Leslie Shafer a guest writer, teaches her students to open in 1st and 2nd seats using the Rule of 20. If you have a high card point count of ten and you add the number of cards in your 2 longest suits and if the total is 20 points, an opening bid could be in order. This definitely disrupts opponent’s communication and can assist partner in making a good opening lead should opponents get the contract. I tend to be “old school” and want 12 -13 high card points to open, but I could be missing out on something.

Winners at Evergreen’s June 3 game were: N/S 1st Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles, 2nd Betty Bills and Beth Shafer, 3rd Carol Bachl and Judy Gealy; E/W 1st Andra Cozart and Jan Glover, 2nd Dick Brisbin and Jon Post, 3rd Fern Albracht and Christy Cline.

The scores for each hand at Friday, June 3 Evergreen game were very similar. Most contracts were the same with similar results. But then there were many hands with the same contracts but very different results. Featured is board # 12 an example of one of these hands. N/S vulnerable West dealer:


S  Q T 7

H  K J 7

D  8 7 5 2

C  Q 7 2

WEST:                    EAST:

S  4                          S  A J 9 8

H  A 9 8 5 2            H  Q 6 4 3

D  Q J 9 6 3             D  K 4

C  T 5                       C  K 9 4


S  K 6 5 3 2

H  T

D  A T

C  A J 8 6 3

The best N/S score was made by Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh who defeated opponent’s 4HW 2 tricks while the best E/W score was 4HW +1 made by Toni Iossi and Patsy Reynolds.

The June 7 Women’s Club winners were: 1st Pat Macon and Judy Gealy, 2nd Judy Hurder and Georgia Sorensen.

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