Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 6:18 pm Thursday, June 9, 2016

… Budd, Davis win primaries in 13th District

I found it ironic that on Monday evening, I received a “robocall” on behalf of Andrew Brock. This call bemoaned and warned against the fact that so many candidates were receiving support from outside the 13th District and the influence of outside political groups. The caller with the recorded message? None other than Marco Rubio, the former presidential candidate and definitely not from North Carolina

— Eric Shock

This result suggests to me that mainly all it takes to win a Republican primary in this area is to claim a special affinity to guns and God.

I voted for Kathy Feather, who actually expressed an original idea related to improving health care instead of the same old pledges by other Republicans to just totally repeal Obamacare without suggesting any better solutions.

— Barry Stokes

… Editorial: Politics as almost usual

The Supreme Court needs to revisit the ability of these deep-pocketed PACs to throw their money around to influence the outcome of elections.

— Ralph Walton

… Lynn Haynes: Teachers say, give it to us straight

You make some great points, Ms. Haynes. I hope intelligent voters will read your insights and legislators will rise to your challenge for honesty.

— Kathy Vestal

Amen, and you did not mention how the teachers are threatened with their lives all day long. Or how they have to hire two principals to a school with a half a dozen assistant principals because they can’t control the children, yet you are expected to.

The Senate needs to freeze their salary for eight years and see how many are left.

— Danny Williams

Sad but true. A lot of these same points can be made about nurses.

— Mary Misner

Very well said. Thank you for putting the thoughts of so many experienced teachers out there for the public.

— Rosie Walker

Many jobs have top pay limits, but you should receive cost-of-living increases. Thank you for your dedication to the students and the job. It is appreciated.

— LInda Barbee

… Hanford Dole students have field day

Great job on your very first newspaper interview, Sadie! You deserved this field day.

You have worked so hard all year to maintain straight As. We couldn’t be more proud of you. Props to Ms. Stepp for pushing you to always do your best. Great teacher!

— Ashley Lapuz

Coach V is the best. Thank you for giving our kids, faculty and staff such a great day!

— Suzanne Crockett

… New police chief announced at City Council meeting

An older white guy from Virginia who will not even have arrest powers until he passes Basic Law Enforcement Training? That should really get the tips coming in.

— Todd Paris

This is a pretty weak jibe from you, Mr. Paris. Did you honestly expect the new police chief to strap on a gun and walk the streets chasing down “tips” and arresting criminals? An older and experienced administrator with a strong background in internal affairs is potentially a good hire. At any rate, if the lack of BLET certification and his age are the strongest criticisms you can muster, I’m encouraged.

— Andy Long

… Editorial: Pops perpetuity?

While this is a beloved event at a site treasured by locals, it would be great for Salisbury/Rowan to have an outdoor band shell like that at Village Park in Kannapolis!

— Ron Turbyfill

… After no one shows up at public hearing, commissioners approve budget

In the future, could I recommend that public hearings be held after 6 p.m. and perhaps even on a weekend, to allow for those who work and/or have young children to care for, to be able to get home and then go to do their civic duties?

Most people in my age bracket are just getting off of work at 5 p.m., then rushing to pick up children from care by the 6 p.m. closing time, all while navigating the recent construction in an already congested 5 p.m. rush hour to get home from Salisbury.

On another note:

I love this city and I am proud of its budding progressions, but for the younger generation, it would do well for the city to not “roll up the sidewalks” at 5 p.m. I could easily see a great increase in revenue and multiple benefits for all involved, if only the businesses would remain open until even 7 p.m.

This is why Millennials travel to Charlotte and the surrounding cities. I would love to spend more of my evenings and money in downtown Salisbury, rather than traveling to Kannapolis, Concord, or even Charlotte for my shopping and entertainment needs.

— Elizabeth Rummage

Lack of interest/inaccessibility of budgets is a problem everywhere — and not just for the reasons noted above. Virginia Beach offers citizens an online simulation to have input:

— Chris Adams

Why show up? It’s going to be passed regardless.

— Shawn Ennis

… Commissioners agree to help with Kannapolis business relocation

On the sale of Speedway Business Park land to EGV … a 30-second Google search reveals that the principal of EGV is CEO of Amrep, a manufacturer of garbage trucks. Suggestion for the new branding campaign: Salisbury-Rowan, The Garbage Truck Capital of the Universe. Kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

On the issue of broadband that is buried in this story, looks like RoCo may be looking for a way to bail out Fibrant. Who will pay for the infrastructure? Yeah, let’s expand a service that is losing millions annually.

— Patrick Pearson

… Man killed, wife injured in two-vehicle Old Concord Road collision

I personally knew the man killed. Great person and his wife as well. Just saw them both Saturday.

They should lower that speed limit to 45 mph; that way people would maybe do 53-55? Lived in that area for 46 years and people drive down through there like they’re crazy.

— Morsett Stephen

This is an issue that needs to be addressed. These old cars don’t have crumple zones, heavy wall frames, disc brakes, air bags or even seat belts. That’s how it was in almost all cars pre-1960.

I always see posts about “look both ways for motorcycles” and “we all share the road, keep an eye out for bikes. Well, the same goes for vintage hot rods. The last three summers of driving have been full of close calls. And if it isn’t that, it’s someone riding my bumper probably reading the back of my car. Give us some room!

Our cars run vintage parts, including brakes. We put thousands of hours of work into our cars/trucks and many more thousands of dollars into them as well. From the hot-rodding community, all we ask is that you watch out for us, as we will for you.

— Rob Myer

When an accident occurs like this, they will automatically check her phone. The time stamps show exactly what she was doing if she was on her phone. They can also pull the data from her car to see how fast she was going and several other things.

— Mike Trendel

Praying for both families, their lives forever changed. It does not matter to the public the cause of her error; she will have to live with causing a death for all of her days. That’s a heavy price. Praying for all. May God show his presence in all your lives.

— Stacy Sabol

So sad. Why don’t people realize that gaining that few extra minutes to get somewhere is not worth someone’s life? Slow down, people, and save a life!

My prayers go out to the family of the deceased. And I will pray for the driver of the Civic, that the family can in some way forgive them as they go through this tragedy.

— Tammy Ramey

… RSS hosts community conversation with faith-based groups

This kind of reaching into the community where community functions — i.e., cosmetology and barber shops — is the first reality-based search for help that I’ve heard in a long time. I would hope that the conversation could actually take place in one of the larger shops, rather than continually asking people to come to places which may be intimidating or inconvenient for points such as child care.

— Whitney Peckman

… Close to 90 attend Trans Conversations event

I was in the audience … and wish to express my deepest thanks to the panel members who were not only willing to share their deeply personal life stories with a room full of strangers, but also stayed to meet and speak to so many of us on a one-to-one basis at the end of the event. I am also proud of Salisbury and Rowan County for their willingness to be open and caring to a group of people that they may not have had a chance to interact with previously. Compassion comes with understanding.

— Joanne Stewart

… Uplifting journey: Friends, community come together to help cancer patient

People of faith. Very inspiring. I pray for you a speedy recovery, Mr. Patrick Dye. Thank God that he put people of faith like … Jan and Bob Lewis in your life.

— Michelle Polk

,,, Veteran to salute every grave at National Cemetery

Thank you for your service and for memorializing those that have gone on. My dad will be one of those you will be saluting or have already saluted!

Cathy S. Shinn

… Ready, Set, Read Rowan wants to ensure future grads are well-prepared

It is encouraging to read about the various literacy initiatives that have been started by nonprofit groups, as well as the public school system itself.

— Jeff Morris

… Planting the seed: Appleseed launches literacy project

We could use more Greg Alcorns. Thank you for stepping up to the plate when our “ leaders” strike out!

— Patricia Cooke