Letters to the editor – Sunday – 6-5-16

Published 3:10 pm Monday, June 6, 2016

Secret of Ketner’s success: A generous heart toward all

I used to wonder what was Mr. Ketner’s secret, separate from media coverage. Then two years after I had gotten his autograph, it dawned on me that Mr. Ketner loved people. He would rather put himself on the back-burner to help someone in need. It didn’t matter the color of their skin; if they needed help, Mr. Ketner was there in words or deed.

Mr. Ketner was as big as his thoughts and ideas, and out of all his precious time, he still had time for the least of us. I saluted Mr. Ketner then, and I salute him now.

— James E. Neely

East Spencer

Miller does ‘best work of life’

“Service to humanity  is the best work of life.”

I want to dedicate this “Thought for Today “ to Tippy Miller, who was awarded the Wilson L. Smith Philanthropic Award at the Hospital’s  Annual Awards Dinner at the Crystal Lounge recently.

The above  quote is taken from and is an integral  part  of The Jaycee Creed.

— Paul Fisher


The gifts of a wedding

I would just like to give a shoutout to the Salisbury Community. Last weekend a friend of mine got married. You might have seen Mark Wineka’s wonderful writeup of “When Harold met Gladys.”

The planning for the wedding started very small, on a shoe-string so to speak, but it didn’t stay that way. People at St. John’s Lutheran Church came forward to help with the wedding decorations and planning. The Salisbury Salon and Spa donated their services to make Gladys feel like a princess on her wedding day. The Pink Peony Florist volunteered to make all the flower arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres and finally, when Evelyn Medina’s dress was ruined by the dry cleaners, Henrietta Henderlite took her out shopping and they found a fabulous gown!

So many others came forward with generous hearts and a willingness to help. It made me very proud to be a resident of Salisbury and makes me want to give back … pay it forward! Thank you, Salisbury!

— Catherine Soderberg


Does money grow on pine trees?

Where does all that money come from? I have never seen so much money thrown into a Congressional race as in the 8th District.

I have seen five or six different TV spots of one candidate several times each, as well as seven different large glossy color photos with “information.”

Oops! The number is eight now; just received one today!

Doubtful if all this money is grown on Carolina pine trees; bet it is growing on Washington, DC’s cherry trees.

— Ty Cobb Jr.