Letters to the editor — Monday (6-6-2016)

Published 12:19 am Monday, June 6, 2016

Burning mad over flag burning

As I watch the news and see people in California burning our American flag, it really burns me up.

Just this morning in Rhode Island someone said the flag hanging off the back of the fire engines reminded them of the ISIS flag and now the fire stations has to get permission to hang the flag on their fire engines. If the people in this country dislike our flag so much then let them go to the Middle East and live in one of those countries.

Our flag has been fought for throughout our nation’s history with the death of many men and women,with many wounded veterans missing limbs, sight, hearing and the many other disabilities not mentioned. Americans can burn our flag and that is considered freedom of speech or expression and that is OK by law.

But  if my neighbor had an outbuilding falling down and an eyesore and I burned it down, I would be arrested and charged with arson and locked up. Yes, you say, it is someone’s property and you can’t do that, but is the American flag not the property of every American,bought and paid for with American blood?

I am a disabled veteran and I wonder what our country has become. The people of this country are not satisfied with anything anymore. They disrespect our flag, one another, our laws and our country as a whole. It is no doubt this country is under the spell of the devil and many of the people don’t seem to care as long as it doesn’t affect them. We as Americans need to step up and stop the desecration of our American flag. I am one who cares. Are you?

— James Trexler


Cast your ballot

To those voting at the last minute:

Almost all of the candidates claim to attend a Christian church, and we can assume in fairness that they are familiar with Christian teaching.  For example, when asked what the second most important commandment was after “Love the Lord thy God”, Christ answered “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Mark 12:31).  This provides a good standard to judge candidates by.  For example:

What have they done for the poor sick, with too much income for Medicare and too little for Blue Cross?

What have they done to help the unemployed, especially those laid off or mass let go?

What have they done to help those fleeing narco-terrorism or poverty and corruption in their home countries?

Whoever you vote for, please, JUST VOTE!

— Jack Burke



Howard is a doer

I want to share some information about why I believe Julia Howard would be the best representative for US Congressional District 13:

I graduated from West Rowan in 1974, Guilford College in 1978 and began a teaching and coaching career in Davie County in 1978. Julia was the third person I met here. She helped me find housing via her business, Howard Realty. She has been a great friend from that day on.

After my accident in 1982, Julia encouraged me to get on with life by visiting another new amputee. She coordinated fundraising efforts (excess of $25,000) in Davie County that afforded me a trip to Oklahoma to get a new prosthesis that was neither available nor affordable in 1987. That first patient visit opened a new door for me as I changed careers in 1994 to work as a patient services coordinator for a prosthetic company.

Julia began her political services in the NC House of Representatives and has positively impacted the lives of folk all over NC. She is currently serving her 14th term in Raleigh. Her decision to run for US Congress was recognized recently as she received a letter of endorsement from former Speaker Newt Gingrich: “I had the opportunity to work with Julia on welfare reform in the ‘90s and was impressed with her honesty, integrity and work ethic. She works tirelessly for the people of North Carolina in Raleigh and I am sure she will take that same dedication to Congress.”

Julia Howard is not just a talker, she gets good things done! I know that she has a great capacity to communicate with others. Her voting “track record” in Raleigh proves her ability, compassion and commitment to all of us in NC. I hope you too will support Julia Howard with your vote on June 7.

— Paul Drechsler


Warren works for all

I’ve been a citizen of Rowan County for most of the last 42 years. After retiring from the NC Air National Guard, I decided to get involved in local politics. I just wanted to get behind and support those who represented my conservative values. Harry Warren is one of those people. Harry is a good Christian man. There isn’t a better compliment I can give him. He has no personal agenda. He only has a heart for service and a desire to make this country a better place for your children.

As a representative for District 77, NC House of Representatives, he has proven that desire. He has helped write and sponsor several bills. Voter ID, unemployment reform and E-Verify are examples of his hard work. He studies every bill before voting. Before deciding how to vote, he goes the additional mile by getting input from those who would be directly affected by the legislation. He has kept his constituency informed and ensured their involvement with his representation by holding regularly scheduled town hall meetings in his district. Those that work with him in Raleigh praise his long hours and dedication.

Harry Warren will take that ethic with him to Washington. It is often hard for voters to see how our vote can make a difference, especially in DC. The House of Representatives is the best place for us to have that influence. This office is the one that most closely represents us. The terms are the shortest. Members of the House have to come back home and answer for their decisions. It is up to us to put people in these positions that will listen and make sure we have facts, not excuses. I trust Harry to be that kind of representative for Congressional District 13. Please give him your vote on June 7.

— Daryl Cox