Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 6-1-16

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jason Walser would set new tone in Washington

I am writing this letter in support of Jason Walser’s candidacy for Congress. As I have talked with him, I’ve been impressed with his integrity, his honesty and his work ethic. His work with the Land Trust of Central North Carolina includes saving literally thousands of acres of farmland.

It is worth noting that he was a Morehead Scholar and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. He later got his law degree but instead of practicing law he chose to help people by preserving their farmland.

Jason is a product of the public schools and he believes that quality education is important to the future of our nation.

I would describe Jason as being a truth teller, an outsider who will work to bring the various factions in Washington together through collaboration and building consensus.

Jason hopes to drastically change our economy to enable the middle class to get ahead. They have been squeezed as the cost in housing, utilities, and healthcare have risen.

As a political outsider, Jason wants to bring a new tone to Washington. He is willing to make hard choices and he wants to bring civility and collaboration to Congress.

Please consider voting for Jason Walser on June 7.

— Judy Harvey


Warren true to principles

Who should we send to Congress for District 13? Harry Warren!

An opponent running as an “outsider” (Ted Budd) reportedly received $500,000 in advertising from establishment big money.

Harry Warren hasn’t been bought by anyone.

Ted Budd has no experience in writing legislation and in building a coalition to pass legislation.

Harry Warren does.

Harry Warren has held true to his principles. He has the courage to tackle the tough issues, even when it’s challenging politically. Harry analyzes issues and implements solutions — voter ID bill, E-verify (employers confirm citizenship of workers), unemployment insurance reform, and many more.

We can’t afford for someone with no experience to learn “on the job.” We didn’t let establishment big money pick our presidential candidate. Let’s not let them pick our Congressman.

Vote Harry Warren for Congress!

-— Elaine Hewitt


Warren tackles tough issues

N.C. Rep. Harry Warren is the person we need for the 13th US Congressional District.

Representative Warren has been willing to tackle the tough issues. Representative Warren has been a leader in positive change in NC. We have a balanced state budget and the economy is finally growing. We need a balanced federal budget and a growing national economy. We cannot be strong with continued deficit spending.

We need positive, honest and knowledgeable representation in Congress. Vote for Harry Warren. Also, Bob Edmunds is the only conservative running for the N.C. State Supreme Court.

John Leatherman


Endorsement deadline

Letters endorsing candidates in the June 7 primary should be received in the Post newsroom by 5 p.m. Thursday.

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