Letters to the editor — Monday (5-23-2016)

Published 12:15 am Monday, May 23, 2016

Taxpayers left holding the bag

For the people of the areas annexed in July 2007, all we get for our high taxes is nothing except for our trash picked up on Mondays. We don’t have city water. No sidewalks. No storm drains. We hardly ever see the police in our area.

It seems that the city only wanted our tax dollars, and since the city got Lane Bailey two years ago, all he wants to do is raise taxes. They should name him the tax man, not the city manager. Fibrant has never made a profit, so they want to use people’s tax money to pay for it.

In 2008 the City Council sold Fibrant to the people of the city, saying it would pay for itself and even make a profit. Now, all of those members are gone from the City Council except for two. Fibrant has never made a profit and can’t make enough money to repay the money it cost taxpayers.

Don’t raise my taxes because the City Council made a mistake.

The city manager has tax fever. As the Salisbury Post reported on May 18, Bailey is seeking an increase in taxes on property, water and sewer and stormwater. Why?

I am making a proposal to “un-annex” those of us in the Harrison Road area.

— Charles Black



Well done, by George!

The event commemorating the 225th anniversary of George Washington’s visit to Salisbury was as well planned, promoted, and executed as any event in many years in our historic community.

Many thanks and great congratulations to the Rowan Museum!

— Edward Clement


Another side of history 

​Let us not forget that in spite of George Washington’s heroics during war and his leadership as our first president, he still owned more than 300 slaves.

— Kim Porter