Letters to the editor — Monday (5-16-2016)

Published 12:35 am Monday, May 16, 2016

Fond memories of the old days 

In the “Olden Days” — back in my day —  things were different …

1. We were allowed to say the Lord’s Prayer in school; it was a great way to start the day. We also took turns reading scripture out loud. I learned some of the Psalms, and remember them to this day.

2. Kids could sell lemonade, and anything else they wanted, on the curb, right in front of their own homes.

3. We had Christmas pageants, and sang carols. And EVERYBODY, including my Jewish girlfriends, said “Merry Christmas.”

4. We all went to the doctors WE chose.

5. President Eisenhower added “one nation, under God” to The Pledge of Allegiance … and nobody complained. Because we WERE one.

6. On Halloween we wore homemade costumes; visited every house in the neighborhood, and our parents didn’t have to check out our candy before we ate it. The only worry they had was our getting a belly ache from eating too much.

7. Dogs and cats were allowed to run free, and no one complained.

8. I knew the names of everyone on my street.

9. In the summer we spent hours at the local grade school “camp;” made boondoggle jewelry; played baseball and basketball on the playground; drank Kool Aid; and were happy when school started again in the fall.

10. Parents, grandparents, and teachers were smarter than we were, and nobody had to inform us of that fact.

11. Going to see a movie was considered cheap entertainment, and a box of popcorn didn’t cost as much as a steak.

12. Most kids walked to school, and back.

13. And if you “looked” like a girl or a boy, you used the restroom that corresponded with your looks — it was simply never an issue.

Were those the “good old days?” I’ll let you decide.

— Kathryn Dews


Advice for board

The School Board is completely out of touch with reality!

There should be an advisory board of two well chosen parents, two well chosen teachers, and two well chosen students. This could keep the board on target with problems and possible solutions before it was presented to the public as fact.

This is a hard job at best. Just taking a few days to check facts and figures would eliminate a lot of criticism and misunderstanding by the general public.

— Bethel Gainer