Letters to the editor – Sunday- 5-15-16

Published 12:09 am Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to choose baseball champs

When will the high school powers that be learn that baseball is not a one and done game? So much of the outcome of a baseball game is determined by the pitcher. It is true that good pitching will usually trump good hitting. This being the case, why do we continue to have baseball tournaments as one and done rather than have a series of games that will more realistically determine the best team?

I know the baseball coaches know this. Are we really controlled by money so much that we sacrifice the true baseball champion? Could we not create a state tournament with only the conference champions in a head-to-head series or at least a double elimination tournament? This could take place on the regional level first and then move to the state level.

Will we continue to allow money to replace the true baseball champion? I guess we will. Even the American Legion on the national level sees fit to use that Little League format because of television revenue.

What happened last year in the National American Legion Baseball Tournament? We had a champion that did not have fewer losses than the second place team. In fact those two teams, South Carolina and Louisiana, each lost to each other once. South Carolina was champion, however, because their loss came earlier in the tournament. Sorry, this does not determine the true champion as far as I am concerned. The champion should always be a series winner or have the most wins and fewest losses in the tournament, and the tournament should not be one and done.

No, I am not from West Rowan. I just love the game of baseball. We may not have sacrificed the love of the game, but we have sacrificed the good of the game.

— Gordon Correll


Another apology?

Two thousand years ago Jesus drew the line in the sand between right and wrong, Luke 11 vs. 23: You are either with him or against him. Short, simple, with no gray area.

Fast forward to The Salisbury Post editorial of 5/10/16: Caught in the crossfire. The editor is exactly right in her assessment that HB2 will cost N.C. residents a lot of money and headaches. (aka collateral damage). That is the natural progression of taking a stand against the spread of evil/and or decadence.

Somehow, (coincidence, I’m sure!) the news media missed the fact that a loony left wing mayor and her liberal council in Charlotte fired the first shot in this war. Charlotte’s ordinance was nothing more than an ambitious mayor flexing political muscle — while turning Charlotte into an East Coast version of San Francisco — in an election year, and attempting to advance her status within an immoral political system. HB2 isn’t about past problems. It’s about future problems arising that would give perverts carte blanche privilege in entering ladies’ facilities without fear of legal intervention.

Back to collateral damage concerning taking a stand against decadence and evil. World War II is a prime example. Fifty million people died as a result of the evil dictators of Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy. Several million of those killed were civilians. The number of those killed by the U.S. and Great Britain: Zero! As I write this Obama, is on his way to Hiroshima to apologize — White House says there’s no apology (they’ve never lied) — for the U.S. dropping the “big ones” on their cities. News flash: We didn’t drop them. Hirohito dropped them! For me, being retired military, anything resembling an apology is akin to spitting on every grave — and family member — in Arlington. Happy Memorial Day.

— Randy Biggerstaff


Thanks for support

The Southeast Middle School faculty and staff would like to publicly thank the many folks who provided treats and meals to our staff in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and School Nutrition Employee Week.

The positives in public education are not always portrayed at the highest level; however, the community support for the hard work and continuous efforts of all our educators was graciously recognized last week. It takes every single one of us working as a team to create the success needed for our students to compete in today’s society.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Food Lion for their “Surprise & Delight” lunch, Cracker Barrel, China Grove Family House, Horace Mann, Office Depot, and our SEMS PTA. The amazing food and treats demonstrated just how much you care about our educators!

Thank you for supporting education in Rowan County!

— Jennifer Lentz


Try common sense

The writer is responding to a story in Tuesday’s Post,” School board: High schoolers will be allowed to carry pepper spray.”

After reading the article, I just gagged. Do Mr. Allen and Mr. Wagner fully understand what they are proposing? I don’t think so.

Let’s ban pencils, pens rubber bands (to shoot paper wads). While we are at it, paper also. The list is endless.

Come on, folks. Let’s try some common sense. Pepper spray and mace need to stay on the banned list. Spray is a weapon, whether you define it as defensive weapon. A weapon can go both ways, gentlemen, offensive and defensive. The only good thing coming out of this will be the election where hopefully we can vote out some of these poor decision makers.

— Neil Nurisso