Letters to the editor – Saturday – 5-14-16

Published 12:04 am Saturday, May 14, 2016

Remembering Frank Sinatra, top of the list

Today marks 18 years since the death of world renowned singer/actor Frank Sinatra in 1998. He left an indelible legacy of classy showmanship in his illustrious career, particularly in pop music. Sinatra literally lived “The Great American Songbook” through recordings and filmed performances, and for that, I and legions of his fans are eternally grateful.

Rest in peace, Frank. You’ll always be “A-No. 1, top of the list!”

— Herb Stark


Trouble with the PPs

Paul Ryan could have said, and should have said, “Yes, I support the nominee Donald Trump, but there are issues we need to discuss.”

The people voted for and support the nominee; however PPs (professional politicians) do not. If this country is to continue to be a representative form of government, the PPs need to pay attention to the people. The single greatest obstacle to representative government is the PPs. Paul Ryan’s last 25 years spent in government supposedly representing the people is the best example of what’s wrong with government. Just who is Ryan representing in his failure to unite the PPs and the people? Trump didn’t want nor need the party’s money to run for president, therefore he is free of undue influence from the PPs, and the PPs can’t stand it. The PPs do not always know what’s best for the people.

This fundamental obstacle to better government could all change with one amendment to the Constitution of the United States — term limits for the Congress! The House and Senate have managed to make for themselves a cushy occupation with great perks. The greatest challenge for them is re-election. Sure, they ask, what do the people want, but the real question is, what will they settle for?

Those elected to office, serve your term and go home! Re-election would cease to be an issue.

— Richard Roberts