Hood Seminary announces degree with specialization in leadership ministry

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hood Theological Seminary has developed a new doctor of ministry degree specialization – leadership ministry — announced seminary President Vergel Lattimore.

This new area of specialization is designed to provide educational opportunities for pastors, church staff, missionaries and church and other non-profit leaders who seek advanced theoretical and theological reflection on the contemporary practices of leadership.

The degree is a 33-hour program comprised of three major components: seminars, supervision and a ministry project in the area of leadership ministry.

The leadership ministry specialization embodies unique characteristics. It is oriented toward the generalist pastor, senior pastors, church staff, missionaries and all other levels of leaders in the church, non-profit organizations and other ministries.

The program aims to sharpen skills for functioning as a Christian leader in the world today while focusing on enhancing one’s developmental capacities and sharpening professional identity within a specialized context of leadership in all areas of ministry.

It ensures that each student has a faculty adviser and/or a project mentor who has advanced graduate level training and/or professional credentials in leadership ministry.

“Hood Theological Seminary understands that effective ministry in the church and the world requires the mastery and utilization of specialized skills,” said Dr. Jim R. Wadford, director of the doctor of ministry program.

“These skills include competence in the preparation and conduct of leadership; worship and preaching; the ability to communicate effectively in teaching, preaching and evangelism; productive approaches to mission and outreach; creative relationship to people of all races, ages, gender and social class; and proficiency in administration, pastoral counseling and pastoral care. For this reason, theological education at Hood Seminary assists the development and cultivation of those specialized skills for meaningful expression of beliefs with the Christian church.”

This new program will be first available to the cohort entering Hood Seminary in September 2016 with the first graduates in May 2019. The design of the program allows a candidate to complete the degree in six semesters (three years).

The curriculum comprises three core seminars, six group-electives (four or more electives in the specialty area of leadership ministry) and a final doctoral project in the area of leadership, totaling 33 credit hours.

The doctor of ministry program is expanding to assist its students in personal development, professional growth, and to ready them for church and community ministry. Wadford encourages interested pastors and laypersons to contact his office, 704-636-6962, or the admissions director, Angela Davis-Baxter, 704-636-6023, for additional information.

Hood Theological Seminary, located at 1810 Lutheran Synod Drive, is a graduate and professional school sponsored by the AME Zion Church and approved by the University Senate of the United Methodist Church. Its student body includes persons from many different denominations. As a theological seminary, it provides for the church an educational community in which Christian maturity and ministerial preparation take place together.